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Virtual United Airlines is one of the most active and largest virtual airlines operating today. We offer up to 5300 daily flights to 374 airports, and with our Star Alliance partnership, that number increases to over 18,000 daily flights, 1300 airports, and a fleet of over 4,500 aircraft. If that is not enough, you can charter a flight between any two destinations using any aircraft in the United Airlines current or historic fleet. Our pilots can be based at one of our 9 hubs (KDEN, KEWR, KIAD, KIAH, KLAX, KORD, KSFO, and RJAA).

We welcome virtual pilots of all skill levels using FS2004, FSX, XPlane, and Prepar3D who fly both online with VATSIM or offline. Pilots can transfer up to 125 verifiable hours from VATSIM or from other virtual airlines and have access to every aircraft in the Virtual United Airlines and Star Alliance fleet.

To make flying more fun, we do not require check rides or tests and like to help members new to the hobby. We conduct regular events and have offer a CAT-free featured routing monthly. In addition, you can track and file your flight plans with our easy to use SmartCars ACARS system, chat with other pilots on our TeamSpeak channel, and get to know each other on our active forums.

If you are looking for a virtual airline that gives you a place to have fun and be less like a place to work, submit an application today by clicking HERE.

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United Airlines
United Airlines
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United Airlines
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Total Pilots: 545
Pilots Pending Approval: 7
Total Flights: 83,694
Total Hours Flown: 379,878
Passengers Carried: 17,338,426
Scheduled Flights: 32,448
Flights Today: 64

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