United Express DBA Flights

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ual106 tyler lamb
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United Express DBA Flights

Post by ual106 tyler lamb » May 19th, 2018, 11:56 pm

Hi all, sorry for the newbie question, but I’m unsure how to handle United Express flights that are operated by a regional carrier DBA UAX, especially if they aren’t on the website schedule.

For instance, if I wanted to fly SKW 5278 DBA United Express (KDEN to KCOU), would I be able to go enter this in ACARs as SKW 5278, or as something with a UA number? Would there be anything else I need to do to make this an acceptable filing? If I need to use a UA number in ACARS, could I still file the SKW number in VATSIM for the added realism?

Again, sorry for the newbie questions, but I want to get it right and did not see the answers to these questions elsewhere

ual106 tyler lamb
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Re: United Express DBA Flights

Post by ual106 tyler lamb » May 20th, 2018, 12:58 am

To add a bit of clarification to the questions, this is also complicated by:

1. KCOU isn’t on the sites airport list
2. Although SkyWest has its own section, others such as TransStates and Air Wisconsin do not even though they operate many UA Express flights
3. This flight isn’t on the site schedule

Thanks again!

UAL007 Jonathan Kost
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Re: United Express DBA Flights

Post by UAL007 Jonathan Kost » May 22nd, 2018, 7:17 pm


Our schedules try to cover as many of the contracted carriers for UAX as possible. Often times our schedules will reflect these as UAX and not their parent carrier ie: Compass, Mesa etc.

1. You can enter it either as SKW or UAX- Just ensure that the SKW flight number isn't an American or Delta flight
2. If you are worried about not being accepted, ensure to include a link to the flight: Flightaware, PlanesLive etc.
3. You can charter using SKW, ASH, UAX, UAL. You just need to ensure it is the true call sign to reference the link.
4. KCOU is indeed not in our database of airports. We have 1000's in the system and often times if routes are added the airports don't make it in. Kcars for chartering is the best to remedy this as you can manually enter the ICAOs
5.The initial response is shown above. Some availability of schedules and what is shown is not always available to us.
6. Not all flights will be in our schedule. If you only knew the amount of man hours it takes to filter, update, change over and upload a simple Regional or Narrow body schedule, I would need to be on a full time salary with the VA. (Gary and Garfield are too cheap for that!) That is why we have this wonderful thing called a charter.

Hope this answers your questions.


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