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Complete the Hawaiian tour, using First Officer ranked aircraft. Required order: PHNL-PHKO, PHKO-PHNY, PHNY-PHTO, PHTO-PHOG, PHOG-PHLI, PHLI-PHMK, PHMK-PHNL

Pilots Who Have Earned This Award

ID NameDate Earned
UAL500Frank Johnson2012-06-17
UAL212Pierre Dequack2012-10-10
UAL508Joe Mendez LOA 6/30/20202013-01-12
UAL425Luis Rimoli2013-02-27
UAL003Larry Bell P1 - VP HR2013-03-31
UAL263Mark Barnette2013-04-08
UAL260Jim Overturf2013-06-28
UAL001Gary Price P1 - CEO2013-07-07
UAL007Jonathan Kost P1 - VP of Schedules2013-07-21
UAL928Don Gessells P12013-08-23
UAL929Gary Wilson2013-08-30
UAL900Jared Yost P12013-09-09
UAL931Victor Martinez P22013-11-07
UAL025Dennis Lynn P1 - RJAA HM2013-11-07
UAL441Stephen Forsgren LOA 05/18/20102013-12-15
UAL021Joerg Schwuchow - KDEN HM2014-02-01
UAL045Jason Wesche - KIAD AHM2014-04-30
UAL300Jon Willhite LOA 07/15/20202014-05-20
UAL126Steven Milligan2014-08-10
UAL764Richard McPherson2014-09-08
UAL516Tom Halpin 2014-09-11
UAL049Jeffrey Bice LOA 9/1/202014-09-25
UAL027Gary Cauley - KEWR HM2014-11-30
UAL115Brian Plumb2015-09-01
UAL936Andreas Dittrich2015-09-06
UAL218James LaSalle P12015-10-20
UAL962Pam Magee 2016-02-10
UAL435Rich Del Secco2016-02-14
UAL907Matthew Dirck P1 2016-04-15
UAL246Glenn Asher2016-10-03
UAL250Ivan Runac2017-02-24
UAL022Colin Atwood - KORD HM2017-05-26
UAL006Pat Schoof - VP of Fleet2017-09-19
UAL233Franklin Dermody2017-10-20
UAL909Felipe Nunez P12017-11-13
UAL729Evan Placke2017-11-13
UAL303Kevin Lovelady2017-11-15
UAL101Adam Mazur-P12018-01-01
UAL283John Szanto P1 LOA 08/30/20202018-01-13
UAL008Kevin Finch - VP of Events2018-02-09
UAL304Joe Lancheros LOA 8/18/202018-07-18
UAL934Christopher Hall P12018-07-22
UAL163Ronald Denby P12018-08-30
UAL520Jake Dawson2018-11-12
UAL519Ed Torres2019-08-06
UAL256John Bullock LOA 10/01/20202019-09-06
UAL905Mark Di Domenico2019-11-20
UAL201Hal Butts P12020-03-24
UAL704Andy Morales 2020-04-06
UAL130Jack King2020-04-17
UAL742Jason Diket2020-06-01
UAL503Robert Woodring2020-06-27
UAL261Scott Millard2020-06-29

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