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Complete the Commuter Pilot Tour. Our tracking sheet is located in the Downloads area. Fly using First Officer ranked aircraft.

Pilots Who Have Earned This Award

ID NameDate Earned
UAL508Joe Mendez2013-06-06
UAL536Joe Tack2013-08-15
UAL005Jared Yost P1 - VP of Web2013-08-31
UAL816Mark Barnette2013-09-07
UAL219Jim Sims2013-09-19
UAL441Stephen Forsgren2013-11-22
UAL760Steven Milligan2014-04-15
UAL045Jason Wesche - KIAD AHM LOA2014-04-17
UAL049Jeffrey Bice - RJAA AHM2014-08-28
UAL300Jon Willhite2014-10-02
UAL813Shadwell Platt P12014-10-25
UAL909Felipe Nunez P12015-01-04
UAL212Pierre Dequack2015-01-22
UAL833Don Gessells P12015-08-23
UAL115Brian Plumb2015-09-01
UAL218James LaSalle P12015-10-01
UAL962Pam Magee2016-04-01
UAX004Danny Vinson P1 - Asst VP-HR2016-10-20
UAL632Damien Lunior2016-12-28
UAL764Richard McPherson2017-01-05
UAL043Colin Atwood - KORD AHM2017-04-02
UAL704Andy Morales2017-04-18
UAL729Evan Placke2017-05-10
UAL417Nils Erik Bekker2018-01-20
UAL044Kevin Finch - KSFO AHM2018-02-03
UAL250Ivan Runac2018-03-03
UAL731Daniel Lawrence P12018-05-02

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Total Pilots: 565
Pilots Pending Approval: 6
Total Flights: 70,470
Total Hours Flown: 247,585
Passengers Carried: 13,565,198
Scheduled Flights: 24,563
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