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Awarded to pilots that complete the Russia Tour, using a Captain or below ranked aircraft, in the prescribed order: ULLI-USPP, USPP-UWWW, UWWW-UKKK, UKKK-UMKK, UMKK-UUYY, UUYY-UWUU, UWUU-UWKD, UWKD-UUDD, UUDD-UMKK, UMKK-UUWW, UUWW-USSS, USSS-UUEE, UUEE-UHHH, UHHH-ULLI.

Pilots Who Have Earned This Award

ID NameDate Earned
UAL007Jonathan Kost P1 - VP of Schedules2013-09-24
UAL600Albert Young P1 LOA 04/20/20192013-10-03
UAL931Victor Martinez P22013-10-05
UAL508Joe Mendez2013-10-23
UAL263Mark Barnette2013-11-24
UAL003Larry Bell P1 - VP HR2013-12-29
UAL440Tom Davis LOA 04/01/20192014-01-10
UAL005Jared Yost P1 - VP of Web2014-06-05
UAL928Don Gessells P12014-09-01
UAL300Jon Willhite2014-12-29
UAL909Felipe Nunez P12015-09-12
UAL257Ediz Unal2016-03-17
UAL218James LaSalle P12016-03-20
UAL921Marc Nehrbass2016-05-07
UAL962Pam Magee2017-01-20
UAL115Brian Plumb2017-04-09
UAL704Andy Morales LOA 7/31/20192017-04-18
UAL764Richard McPherson2017-08-15
UAL729Evan Placke2017-08-17
UAL163Ronald Denby P12018-07-06
UAL008Kevin Finch - VP of Events2019-01-22
UAL435Rich Del Secco2019-01-27

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