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Awarded to pilots who have been vUAL Members for 4 or more years

Pilots Who Have Earned This Award

ID NameDate Earned
UAL003Larry Bell - VP HR2016-06-29
UAL009Eric Fields - VP-PR2016-06-30
UAL026Liam Duffy - KLAX HM2016-06-30
UAL024Eric Elia - KIAD HM2016-06-30
UAL500Frank Johnson2016-06-30
UAL001Gary Price P1 - CEO2016-06-30
UAL914Dennis Allen P12016-07-07
UAL217Fred Shepherd2016-07-11
UAL425Luis Rimoli2016-07-25
UAL445Gene Cao2016-07-25
UAL508Joe Mendez2016-11-28
UAL764Richard McPherson2017-03-25
UAL435Rich Del Secco2017-03-26
UAL931Victor Martinez P22017-04-01
UAL002Garfield Smith P1 - COO2017-04-08
UAL025Dennis Lynn P1 - RJAA HM2017-06-04
UAL021Joerg Schwuchow - KDEN HM2017-06-06
UAL200Tom Richey P1 LOA 08/31/20202017-06-13
UAL909Felipe Nunez P12017-07-31
UAL928Don Gessells P12017-08-19
UAL303Kevin Lovelady2017-11-15
UAL212Pierre Dequack2018-03-27
UAL027Gary Cauley - KEWR HM2018-04-01
UAL441Stephen Forsgren2018-07-16
UAL406Stephen Hall2018-07-18
UAL004Albert Young P1 - AVP HR2019-01-12
UAL929Gary Wilson2019-05-06
UAL936Andreas Dittrich2019-05-06
UAL900Jared Yost P12019-05-06
UAL049Jeffrey Bice P1 - RJAA AHM2019-05-06
UAL007Jonathan Kost P1 - VP of Schedules2019-05-07
UAL260Jim Overturf2019-07-29
UAL045Jason Wesche - KIAD AHM2019-08-27
UAL901Danny Vinson P12019-10-18
UAL263Mark Barnette2019-10-19
UAL422Troy Miller2019-11-06
UAL702Steve Adams P12019-11-24
UAL313Joe Solorzano2019-11-26
UAL257Ediz Unal2019-12-26
UAL233Franklin Dermody2020-01-01
UAL921Marc Nehrbass2020-02-05
UAL907Matthew Dirck P1 2020-02-06
UAL913Sergio Campos2020-02-06
UAL962Pam Magee 2020-02-06
UAL048Duane Palmore P1 - KEWR AHM2020-03-27
UAL536Joe Tack2020-04-04
UAL246Glenn Asher2020-04-14
UAL008Kevin Finch - VP of Events2020-04-25
UAL685Bob Bressert2020-05-15
UAL022Colin Atwood - KORD HM2020-06-23
UAL300Jon Willhite LOA 07/15/20202020-07-18
UAL580Andre Chambers2020-07-19
UAL115Brian Plumb2020-08-05
UAL541Paul Zemczak2020-09-17
UAL735Samuel Byam2020-10-14

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Pilots Pending Approval: 8
Total Flights: 90,014
Total Hours Flown: 406,883
Passengers Carried: 18,742,025
Scheduled Flights: 32,445
Flights Today: 1

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