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Must fly from mainland US to Japan, China, or Australia and back. (Excl. Hawaii) All legs must be non-stop, and no other destinations may be flown in-between legs. Fly using ATP Captain or below ranked aircraft.

Pilots Who Have Earned This Award

ID NameDate Earned
UAL500Frank Johnson 2012-03-05
UAL001Gary Price - CEO2012-06-10
UAL026Liam Duffy - KLAX HM2012-06-10
UAL024Eric Elia - KIAD HM2012-06-24
UAL368Markell Bastian2012-12-29
UAL508Joe Mendez 2013-01-12
UAL440Tom Davis2013-02-13
UAL600Albert Young P12013-03-11
UAL435Rich Del Secco2013-03-24
UAL370Matthew Quick2013-04-06
UAL445Gene Cao LOA 3/10/172013-04-12
UAL003Larry Bell P1 - VP-HR2013-04-28
UAL536Joe Tack2013-05-27
UAL519Joseph Brown2013-06-02
UAL872Victor Martinez P22013-07-07
UAL005Jared Yost P1 - VP of Web2013-08-15
UAL516Tom Halpin2013-09-09
UAL451Karl Allen Lugmayer2013-09-27
UAL021Joerg Schwuchow - KDEN HM2013-10-03
UAL448Kristopher Plummer2013-11-01
UAL339Nate Bronson2013-11-09
UAL526Leo Kennedy2013-11-12
UAL816Mark Barnette2013-12-26
UAL833Don Gessells P12014-01-26
UAL441Stephen Forsgren2014-03-16
UAL002Garfield Smith - COO2014-03-25
UAL300Jon Willhite 2014-04-26
UAL813Shadwell Platt P12014-09-04
UAL045Jason Wesche - KIAD AHM2014-11-11
UAL254Jack Rumpf LOA2014-12-14
UAL946Jon Cox2015-01-08
UAL364Tom Silk LOA 4/1/172015-03-01
UAL049Jeffrey Bice - RJAA AHM2015-08-21
UAL025Dennis Lynn - RJAA HM2015-08-21
UAL212Pierre Dequack2015-08-24
UAL537Brandon Mckay2015-08-30
UAL221Jon Richardson2015-09-16
UAL008Keith Rocke P1 - VP of Events2015-09-17
UAL027Gary Cauley - KEWR HM2015-10-02
UAL301Jonathan Bradbury2015-10-09
UAL921Marc Nehrbass2015-11-13
UAL257Ediz Unal2015-11-20
UAL962Pam Magee2015-12-07
UAL643Efrain Davila2016-01-03
UAL820Mark Ryan P12016-01-15
UAL717Jamie Brown LOA 4/28/172016-01-15
UAL515Nils Dietrich2016-01-18
UAL404Paresh Patel 2016-02-01
UAL115Brian Plumb2016-02-01
UAL755Steve Adams P12016-02-11
UAL218James LaSalle P12016-03-01
UAL146Kareem Morrison2016-03-03
UAL023Alen Strmac - KSFO HM2016-03-25
UAL907Matthew Dirck P12016-03-28
UAL151JC Sicat2016-05-03
UAL432Wesley Ellery2016-05-11
UAL006Sante Sottile P1 - VP of Fleet2016-05-15
UAL154Rodrigo Vega2016-06-05
UAL236Jose Wilson De Araejo Filho2016-08-16
UAL145Hadi Chouhdry2016-08-18
UAL502Sam Chen2016-08-19
UAL246Glenn Asher2016-08-22
UAL556Soonho Lee2016-09-12
UAL029Jamie Clum - KIAH HM2016-09-16
UAL807Paul Devaney2016-09-17
UAL370Matthew Quick2016-09-19
UAL233Franklin Dermody2016-11-01
UAL530Dominic Harte2016-12-16
UAL452David Freeman2016-12-21
UAL262Brandon Shaw2017-01-06
UAL277Kevin Finch2017-01-18
UAL520Jake Dawson2017-02-04

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Total Pilots: 481
Pilots Pending Approval: 1
Total Flights: 57,122
Total Hours Flown: 196,781
Passengers Carried: 11,614,083
Scheduled Flights: 15,995
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