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Award Details

Awarded to a pilot who completes 25 consecutive flights in the same airframe. See the tracking sheet for more detailed criteria.

Pilots Who Have Earned This Award

ID NameDate Earned
UAL006Pat Schoof - VP of Fleet2020-04-23
UAL435Rich Del Secco2020-05-04
UAL022Colin Atwood - KORD HM2020-05-08
UAL201Hal Butts P12020-06-07
UAL257Ediz Unal2020-06-29
UAL674Alex Mishkevich2020-08-04
UAL697David Maggipinto2020-08-04
UAL679Ashish Patel LOA 07/20/20202020-08-19
UAL124Joel Wolk 2020-09-22
UAL918Jorge Najera2020-09-22
UAL277Tim Haibach P1 2020-11-25
UAL241Rama Lahori2020-12-20
UAL921Marc Nehrbass2021-01-12
UAL587Andrew Ohnstad2021-01-30
UAL008Kevin Finch - VP of Events2021-02-03
UAL112Christopher Steffen2021-02-10
UAL503Robert Woodring2021-02-27

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Total Pilots: 374
Pilots Pending Approval: 8
Total Flights: 88,326
Total Hours Flown: 430,760
Passengers Carried: 18,658,187
Scheduled Flights: 32,525
Flights Today: 48

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