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Award Details

For completing 500 Hours on VATSIM

Pilots Who Have Earned This Award

ID NameDate Earned
UAL368Markell Bastian2012-12-16
UAL425Luis Rimoli2013-05-13
UAL021Joerg Schwuchow - KDEN HM2013-06-28
UAL600Albert Young P12013-06-28
UAL508Joe Mendez 2013-07-06
UAL003Larry Bell P1 - VP-HR2013-10-03
UAL451Karl Allen Lugmayer2014-02-16
UAL025Dennis Lynn - RJAA HM2014-04-23
UAL448Kristopher Plummer2014-05-01
UAL045Jason Wesche - KIAD AHM2014-11-11
UAL200Tom Richey2014-12-28
UAL254Jack Rumpf LOA2015-01-20
UAL407Dane Quartel2015-08-23
UAL107Marc Carette2015-08-24
UAL730Ralph - Montilla Jr. - LOA Mili2015-09-06
UAL008Keith Rocke P1 - VP of Events2015-09-17
UAL619Nicolas Gattlen P12015-09-27
UAL027Gary Cauley - KEWR HM2015-10-14
UAL216Fernando Valderrama2015-12-15
UAL755Steve Adams P12016-02-03
UAL907Matthew Dirck P12016-02-14
UAL702Jeremy Young P1 2016-04-05
UAL403Malik Clarke LOA 4/16/172016-05-16
UAL454Jason Hynes P1 LOA 02/01/20172016-06-11
UAL300Jon Willhite 2016-07-06
UAL535William Khoemarga2016-07-15
UAL005Jared Yost P1 - VP of Web2016-07-22
UAL401Amrick Dhillon2016-07-25
UAL413Martin Werner2016-07-25
UAL421Josh Balog2016-07-25
UAL422Troy Miller2016-07-25
UAL441Stephen Forsgren2016-07-25
UAL601John Santos P1 2016-08-22
UAL707Wlliam Morales2016-09-04
UAL723Ben Helm2016-09-05
UAL639Rich Mitchell P42016-09-12
UAL545Clyde Jno Baptiste2016-10-04
UAL520Jake Dawson2016-11-10
UAL452David Freeman2016-12-18
UAL262Brandon Shaw2017-01-01
UAL022Matthew McCutcheon P1 - KORD HM2017-01-05
UAL282Christian Iber2017-01-17
UAL110Ross Gunn2017-03-24

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Total Pilots: 482
Pilots Pending Approval: 1
Total Flights: 57,290
Total Hours Flown: 197,431
Passengers Carried: 11,648,069
Scheduled Flights: 16,006
Flights Today: 61