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Online Flight Introductory Ses

Posted: 2017-03-02 10:31:53

The Events Department offers an Online VATSIM® Flying Introductory session for our Pilot members who have never flown ON the VATSIM® Network.  We are going to tap into ALL of our in-house resources (as needed) to walk our members through the process.  I guarantee you guys that flying ONLINE is the easiest way to UP your confidence in the Sim Community.  Our only request is that you leave your preconcieved ideas and any negativity you've heard about the VATSIM® Network - The Online Community - on the ramp before climbing aboard Teamspeak and into the newly created "Free To Roam" Channel.

You won't need any notebooks. You won't need any pencils. You won't need anything... except... some FREE TIME and your OWN willingness to 'Gititdone'.  The initial session size will be ten (10) pilot members.

Here's how we're gonna make this happen...

a) You'll have to send me an email to - - with your vUAL PID, Full Name and HUB ICAO code

b) After receiving the first 10 emails, I will reply to all entrants with a projection of dates and times to get ON our new Teamspeak Channel

c) Knowing that we will have a 100% success rate, I will then begin designing YOUR Graduation Award Badges.  "Oh Yeah!  We're passionate about getting you 'juiced' about the VATSIM® Community". So, you WILL receive your own CUSTOM ONLINE PILOT BADGE - with your unique PID

d)  Did I say Award Badge?  Yes I did.  I will personally pin that Award Badge to your profile WHEN your Hub Manager confirms you have successfully flown your 1st five (5) flights ONLINE.  This means you have to include a VATSIM LINK in those five (5) Pirep Comment blocks


NOTE: This Award Badge is ONLY available to members who pass through the Introductory Session and have met the above stated criteria.  Session size is limited to ten (10) members at a time.  This means the Introductory Sessions can and will be available as long as we continue to receive emails.  Conditions and criteria subject  to change without prior notice.




Posted by: Keith Rocke P1 - VP of Events




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