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Help with the California Fires

Posted: 2018-11-12 23:15:18

We here at vUAL are saddened at the devistation of the California wildfires that are currently destroying properties and lives as they rage on even as of this writing.  I hope that all of our pilots that may live in the area, or have family in the area, are safe.  We can rebuild buildings, but we cannot rebuild lives.  As the most devastating and deadly wildfire in the history of the State of California, we are all needing to come together as Americans and help those who are affected by these raging fires.  As a resident of the State of Florida, I have witnessed unprecidented destruction with hurricanes, including Andrew, Jeanne, Francis and recently Michael.  Although we can't control hurricanes anymore than we can control wildfires, we can certainly prepare and build to withstand, to the best of our abilities, the fury of a hurricane but fire destroys everything.  Being a member of the Emergency Operations for my local county and a trained first repsonder for the State Emergency Response Team for the State of Florida, I can attest to the need of assistance in the most useful form, a monitary donation to the The American Red Cross.  This is the leading Disaster Response Organization to the area and even the smallest donation of $5 or $10 adds up fast to help the volunteers to provide food, water and shelter for those that have lost everything.  The link to donate is:


Our hearts and prayers go out to those affected and we wish for a safe return of all of our Volunteer Firefighters and first responders.  

Thank you in advance to those who can help;

Danny R Vinson, Asst VP HR

Posted by: Danny Vinson P1 - Asst VP-HR



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Help with the California Fires
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