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VUAL seeks Asst Hub Manager

Posted: 2019-04-03 20:17:41

VUAL seeks an Assistant Hub Managers for KDEN
- Staff must conduct themselves in a professional manner 
- Staff Members will be at least 18 yrs of age at time of hire. 
- Will display honesty, truthfulness and integrity 
- Required to do 2 flights per calendar month 
- Follow and enforce all policies set out within this Operations Guide 
- Must NOT hold a staff position at any other Virtual Airline, this is seen as a conflict of interest 
- Prefer that staff do not hold a roster position at any other United Virtual Airline. 
- Previous managerial experience on the VATSIM Network or within real world is preferred but not required 
- Applicant have been with the VA a minimum of 2 months in good standing 
- Must have completed at least 10 flights and 20 hours within the previous 2 months
- Must be active on the forums and teamspeak.
- Attends monthly Staff Meetings
- Staff will receive their own company e-mail and will check it daily.
- Hired by and reports directly to their Hub Manager 
- Enforces the rules of this Operations Guide 
- Manages his/her hub 
- Handles Pilot issues 
- Refers pilot to the correct Staff Member on some issues such as LOA’s, Fleet etc… 
- First line of communication for pilots 
- Approves/rejects PIREPS in a timely manner, preferably daily and no later than every other day 
- Sends Welcome Letter to new Pilots 
If you are interested in these positions, you must meet the requirements above, must complete a Staff Application found under the Careers Tab of the website. This is the only acceptable means of applying and the applications that do not meet the requirements above will be removed from consideration

Posted by: Larry Bell P1 - VP HR






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VUAL seeks Asst Hub Manager
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