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New VATSIM Rating Awards

Posted: 2020-09-04 18:39:07

VATSIM overhauled its pilot rating system, so vUAL retired its P1 to P5 awards, effective immediately. Pilots who earned those awards will continue to see them on their profile.

We also unveiled new P0-P3 VATSIM Pilot Rating awards, reflecting the current VATSIM system. All pilots who had one or more old VATSIM rating awards received the new rating award(s) on Sept. 4. If you have a P1-P5 on your profile and you did not get the new VATSIM rating, please e-mail

I asked hub management to issue P0 awards to all pilots who do not currently have a rating award. This is a long, time-consuming process. If you have not received your P0 by Oct. 5, please touch base with your hub manager at that time.

For more info, please visit

Posted by: Kevin Finch - VP of Events






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