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Virtual United Airlines began operational planning in October 2010 and opened its doors in May 2011 with more than 9000 routes available to our pilots. The airline was started with the belief that flight simulation is a hobby, so there are no checkrides. The emphasis is to have fun!

We are open to pilots of all skill levels. If you are new to flight simulation or aviation in general, our VATSIM Authorized Training Organization, VATSTAR, can help you get online with confidence. Even if you are a veteran of VATSIM, you can join the academy to earn your P1 rating, and may learn something new along the way!

Flying online and academy participation are not required, nor will they ever be. If flying off-line with your awesome AI aircraft is your cup of tea, then we fully support you as well!

Virtual United is growing, but that doesn't change our philosophy that when you are here, you are much more than a number—You are family! We aim to make every pilot feel welcome and secure.

So if you want an virtual airline that treats you like a human being and knows that flight simulation is a hobby and not a full-time job, you've come to the right place!

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01/23/2020 ‐ Japan Group Tour 1/5
01/24/2020 ‐ Northeast FNO
01/25/2020 ‐ KSEA/KDEN - Mountain Mayhem
01/25/2020 ‐ Tulips to Toronto
01/30/2020 ‐ Japan Group Tour 2/5
01/31/2020 ‐ Frozen Lakeshore FNO - KORD
02/06/2020 ‐ Japan Group Tour 3/5
02/08/2020 ‐ KSFO/KLAX Friday Night Flights (FNO)
02/09/2020 ‐ KSEA/PHNL Divert to Paradise
02/11/2020 ‐ KORD - Chicagoland Challenge
02/13/2020 ‐ Japan Group Tour 4/5
02/14/2020 ‐ Feel The Love FNO
02/15/2020 ‐ Daytona 500
02/20/2020 ‐ Japan Group Tour 5/5
02/21/2020 ‐ Capital Cluster FNO
02/22/2020 ‐ KCLE - Operation Frost
02/28/2020 ‐ KMSP Frozen 5K FNO
02/29/2020 ‐ Leap into Orlando (KMCO)
03/14/2020 ‐ Have Some Madeira, My Dear!


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Total Pilots: 501
Pilots Pending Approval: 8
Total Flights: 79,039
Total Hours Flown: 348,201
Passengers Carried: 16,162,872
Scheduled Flights: 32,492
Flights Today: 3

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