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Saturday Night Fly! KORD-CYHZ

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  • DescriptionLive, from Chicago, it's Saturday Nite Fly!rnrnTonight, we'll follow one of United's newest routes, from Chicago to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. We will begin leaving KORD at 5:52pm (local/CDT – 2252z) and land in Halifax at 11:07pm local (ADT – 0207z next day). At three hours, it's longer than a traditional Saturday Nite Fly but a good voyage nonetheless.rnrnUse your pilot ID as your flight number, i.e., if you're UAL277 out of Denver, that will be your flight number. A route will be posted in the Events forum shortly before the event.rnrnThe real world flight is in an E195 but a 737 or A32x will also fill the bill. On Saturday, you could make a short international flight to join VATUSA's Boston Tea Party.
  • Scheduled DateAugust 10, 2019
  • Departure FieldKORD
  • Scheduled Start Time (GMT)23:30
  • Arrival FieldCYHZ


  • 0:00 - UAL008 - Kevin Finch - VP of Events
  • 0:00 - UAL439 - Scott Nation
  • 0:00 - UAL008 - Kevin Finch - VP of Events
  • 0:05 - UAL008 - Kevin Finch - VP of Events
  • 0:05 - UAL008 - Kevin Finch - VP of Events
  • 0:10 - UAL439 - Scott Nation






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     Posted on: 10/19/2019
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