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KSFO/KLAX Friday Night Flights (FNO)

  • DescriptionThe action starts at 5pm PST (0100Z Feb. 8) but we need to put it on the calendar earlier for it to appear on the correct day. Please join Oakland ARTCC and Los Angeles ARTCC, for the first time this decade, as they combine their forces to tackle delays, intercept localizers and launch you off the 1s before an A380 lands on the 28s. This momentous occasion is not one to miss, so be sure to book your calendars and have your preflight done. NOTE: DUE TO AN EXPECTED INCREASE IN ARRIVAL DEMAND AT ALL FIELDS, PLEASE FUEL FOR POSSIBLE HOLDS, REROUTES, AND OTHER ENROUTE DELAYS. GROUND STOPS AND/OR GROUND DELAYS ARE POSSIBLE TO ENSURE A SMOOTH OPERATION. PLEASE KEEP AN EYE ON THE VATUSA N.T.O.S FOR INFORMATION REGARDING DELAYS DURING THE EVENT. Any online vUAL flight into either of our SFO and LAX hubs during the event counts!
  • Scheduled DateFebruary 8, 2020
  • Departure Field
  • Scheduled Start Time (GMT)23:30
  • Arrival Field


  • 23:44 - UAL101 - Adam Mazur-P1
  • 23:45 - UAL731 - Edgar Morales
  • 23:45 - UAL731 - Edgar Morales






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New Award: TAP 75th
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