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Light Up the Caribbean III

  • DescriptionVATCAR presents ‘Light Up The Caribbean III’ which will take place on Saturday 15th February from 2359z to 0400z. This will be a special event as every FIR within VATCAR along with Miami Oceanic will be staffed providing ATC for the entire Caribbean. Furthermore, this event is sponsored by RWY26 Sim and a lucky pilot will have the chance to win a scenery produced by them. How can I enter for a chance to win? One pilot will be randomly selected from the list of entries. A pilot may submit more than one entry provided it is a different flight per entry. Criteria: Departure or Arrival airport must be within VATCAR. Departure or Arrival must be within the event time. #lightupthecaribbeanevent must be in your remarks. More info at
  • Scheduled DateFebruary 15, 2020
  • Departure Field
  • Scheduled Start Time (GMT)23:30
  • Arrival Field


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