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Mr. Rogers FNO - KPIT

  • DescriptionvUAL will take off after ATC comes online, around 2359Z and fly to our Washington DC hub, KIAD. Won't you be my neighbor? On March 20th, 1928, the world was gifted with a child by the name of Fred McFeely Rogers. He would go on to create one of the greatest preschool television series, known as Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. The show would run for 33 years (ending in 2001), and would focus on many developmental aspects of life (including death, moving, divorce, and even war). The show would be the second longest running children's show ever, and one of the most unforgettable for most all of us today. True Fact: Mr. Rogers was aired on the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. before it debuted in the USA! Come and join us on March 20th as we celebrate the life of Mr. Rogers with a vUAL flight out of KPIT.
  • Scheduled DateMarch 20, 2020
  • Departure FieldKPIT
  • Scheduled Start Time (GMT)23:30
  • Arrival FieldKIAD


  • 23:30 - UAL158 - Greg Lutha





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