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Keflavík Overload

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  • DescriptionvUAL will fly - as Star Alliance partner Scandinavian Airlines - from Oslo (ENGM) to Reykjavik, Iceland (BIKF). Say the organizers: On Sunday 24 May between 16-20z, VATSIM-Scandinavia will fully staff Keflavík (BIKF) and enroute airspace. We are inviting all pilots to fly in or out of Keflavík with your favorite airliner. Or if you rather prefer discovering what the local airports around Iceland has to offer, jump into your Cessna or a turboprop aircraft and explore all the challenging airfields that are spread around the island. Since Iceland airspace is defined as Oceanic Airspace, it requires all flights except for domestic flights to receive oceanic clearance before either departing or arriving Iceland. If you are new to this or haven't flown into Iceland for a while, it is highly recommended that you visit our briefing page for Icelandic airspace. Please remember to have your charts with you in the cockpit, that will make your experience when visiting Iceland even better.
  • Scheduled DateMay 24, 2020
  • Departure FieldENGM
  • Scheduled Start Time (GMT)15:00
  • Arrival FieldBIKF


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