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ZSE Winter Wonderland FNO

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  • DescriptionWe'll head from the home of Grunge to Sin City. ATC will be online around 2359Z. Say the organizers: Join ZSE at the beginning of our favorite time of the year! On December 4, 2020, Seattle ARTCC will be staffing up KSEA, KPDX, and some other airports (TBA in the pilot brief) from 1559-2000 PST (2359-0400Z). Bring our your favorite aircraft in FS2020, or stay in your old, but trusty, XP11 or P3D sim. ZSE is excited to bring you guys another great event. Pilot Briefing*: *The pilot briefing is subject to updates at any time. The "last updated" in the title of the brief shows the last time a change was made. You can reference that change in the change log at the bottom of the brief document.
  • Scheduled DateDecember 4, 2020
  • Departure FieldKSEA
  • Scheduled Start Time (GMT)23:30
  • Arrival FieldKLAS


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