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Albany - Newark Hop

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  • DescriptionA short hop between Albany and our Newark hub; about 1:15 air time. Note: This event is posted at 2330Z to get it onto out events calendar on the correct evening; ATC will come online around 0100Z and vUAL wheels up will be shortly after. Say the organizers: Boston Virtual ARTCC's Minor Facility Showcase gives pilots the opportunity to experience one of our minor airports. Local and overlying air traffic controllers will be providing service for those looking to explore the area, practice instrument approaches, arrive from afar, or just remain in the pattern. With a single focus-airport, this is the perfect opportunity to experience being sequenced at a busier airport with both IFR and VFR arrivals. This week's event features the controlled airport of Albany International (KALB), in Albany, New York. The capital city of New York, Albany offers a great destination for those looking to take in the fall colors, fly around the Adirondack Mountains, or take a short trip east or south to one of the bigger metro areas. It’s also a great time to try out one of our WINGS flights. Remember, many of the flights have published Alternate Airports, allowing you to earn your BVA pilot ratings at event airports!
  • Scheduled DateDecember 2, 2020
  • Departure FieldKALB
  • Scheduled Start Time (GMT)23:30
  • Arrival FieldKEWR


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