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Welcome to Denver!

Welcome to Denver International Airport. Denver is home to the Denver Broncos, Colorado Rockies, Colorado Avalanche and Denver Nuggets. Colorado's Ski Country is a few miles west of Denver making DIA a favorite destination in the winter.

A few facts about Denver International Airport:

  • At 53 square miles DIA is the largest International Airport in the U.S.
  • 10th busiest airport in the world with passenger traffic
  • 5th busiest by aircraft movement
  • Runway 16R/34L is the longest public use runway in the U.S.
  • DIA is United Airlines 2nd largest HUB

I'm glad to have you part of Virtual United Airlines at Denver, striving to be the best. If I can be of any help to you please don't hesitate to ask.

Welcome aboard,

Joerg Schwuchow
KDEN Hub Manager

Hub Statistics


Total Pilots: 79
Total Flights: 9570
Total Hours: 29241
Total Miles: 11,210,854 nm
Total Fuel Used: 285,331,207 lbs
Avg. Landing Rate: -203 fpm

March 2017

Number of Flights: 286
Flight Hours: 1050
Miles Travelled: 425,209 nm
Fuel Used: 13,939,896 lbs
Avg. Landing Rate: -206 fpm

KDEN Pilots

Pilot ID Name Rank Flights Hours
UAL003 United States Larry Bell P1 - VP-HR ATP Captain 914 4621.27
UAL021 Germany Joerg Schwuchow - KDEN HM ATP Captain 931 5163.04
UAL200 United States Tom Richey ATP Captain 522 2631.51
UAL201 United States Larry Coleman ATP Captain 28 199.14
UAL202 Canada Paul Archer ATP Captain 46 182.13
UAL204 United States Christopher Pennington ATP Captain 68 248.16
UAL206 United States Jo Sousa ATP Captain 45 316.50
UAL207 United States Patrick Neuman ATP Captain 25 210.19
UAL208 United States John Marionneaux ATP Captain 175 683.30
UAL209 Germany Matthias Kuenneth ATP Captain 12 161.13
UAL210 United States Michael Cordeiro ATP Captain 6 176.11
UAL211 United States Jerry Sterner ATP Captain 128 263.55
UAL212 France Pierre Dequack ATP Captain 270 651.40
UAL215 United States Matthew McMillan ATP Captain 192 696.06
UAL216 United States Fernando Valderrama ATP Captain 426 955.00
UAL217 United States Fred Shepherd ATP Captain 582 1288.47
UAL218 United States James LaSalle P1 ATP Captain 571 1437.42
UAL219 United States Jim Sims ATP Captain 595 951.43
UAL220 United States Ian Libby Sr. Captain 28 100.59
UAL221 United States Jon Richardson ATP Captain 121 417.23
UAL222 Australia Adam Gray First Officer 0 38.32
UAL223 United States James Moody First Officer 7 12.07
UAL224 United States David Luka ATP Captain 8 132.40
UAL226 Italy Roberto Zagarella ATP Captain 209 297.06
UAL227 United States Tory Hollins ATP Captain 5 160.38
UAL228 United States DJ Shallenberger First Officer 12 20.46
UAL229 United States Cody Remer Captain 7 85.51
UAL230 United States Ryan Kauffman ATP Captain 140 291.15
UAL231 United States Clifton Alexander First Officer 0 0.00
UAL232 United States Jason Olson ATP Captain 145 568.20
UAL233 United States Franklin Dermody ATP Captain 159 519.28
UAL234 United States Carson Murphy ATP Captain 8 142.47
UAL235 United States Dalton Otero ATP Captain 22 184.47
UAL236 Brazil Jose Wilson De Araejo Filho ATP Captain 81 310.41
UAL238 United States Tom Housworth P2 ATP Captain 133 778.47
UAL239 United States Connor Urlacher Captain 46 81.35
UAL240 United States Rocky Jet Melendez ATP Captain 4 135.26
UAL241 Brazil Jorge Gibin ATP Captain 9 150.49
UAL242 United States Branden Jackson ATP Captain 35 354.03
UAL243 United States Xavier Thorpe ATP Captain 104 288.41
UAL244 United States John Noe ATP Captain 125 481.09
UAL245 United States John Marks First Officer 1 1.44
UAL246 United States Glenn Asher ATP Captain 172 828.52
UAL247 United States Harvey Brammer Sr. Captain 45 104.55
UAL248 United States Ethan Weimer ATP Captain 53 214.52
UAL249 Denmark Frank Lindberg ATP Captain 86 421.19
UAL250 Croatia Ivan Runac ATP Captain 83 219.33
UAL251 Jamaica Olante Douglas ATP Captain 4 131.28
UAL252 United States James Dobratz ATP Captain 1462 1919.09
UAL253 United States Jim DiCroce ATP Captain 13 169.23
UAL254 United States Jack Rumpf LOA ATP Captain 257 947.26
UAL255 Austria Markus Bayer ATP Captain 2 127.38
UAL256 United States Hadar Shavit First Officer 1 1.29
UAL257 Turkey Ediz Unal ATP Captain 668 4099.52
UAL258 Jamaica Daniel Williams First Officer 14 17.26
UAL259 United States Dion Frey ATP Captain 152 614.33
UAL260 United States Jim Overturf ATP Captain 536 7792.27
UAL261 Costa Rica Leonardo Corrales Bogantes ATP Captain 7 132.21
UAL262 United States Brandon Shaw ATP Captain 186 521.45
UAL263 United States Steven Walker First Officer 0 0.00
UAL264 United States Alfredo Cuenca First Officer 21 57.23
UAL267 United States Gene Pence ATP Captain 1 126.08
UAL270 United States Hunter Fizer ATP Captain 5 130.28
UAL271 United States Roberto Reyes First Officer 0 0.00
UAL272 Canada Jeremy Boyles First Officer 2 4.05
UAL274 United States Scott Drexler ATP Captain 50 232.59
UAL276 United States Keith Lovell LOA ATP Captain 2 127.46
UAL277 Canada Kevin Finch ATP Captain 145 830.20
UAL278 United States Bryce Saunders ATP Captain 4 129.22
UAL280 United States Maleik Bennett ATP Captain 55 356.21
UAL281 United States Tyler Carlock ATP Captain 4 155.14
UAL282 Germany Christian Iber ATP Captain 38 191.41
UAL283 United States Joseph Shim ATP Captain 0 125.00
UAL284 United States Gabriel Girardi ATP Captain 0 125.00
UAL285 Canada Frederick Durand ATP Captain 1 126.53
UAL286 United States Keanu Flavelle ATP Captain 1 126.57
UAL287 United States David Ballard Captain 2 61.37
UAL288 United States Aaron Price ATP Captain 0 125.00
UAL290 United States Mitchell Taydus First Officer 18 32.38




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Total Pilots: 481
Pilots Pending Approval: 1
Total Flights: 57,122
Total Hours Flown: 196,781
Passengers Carried: 11,614,083
Scheduled Flights: 15,995
Flights Today: 11