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Welcome to Washington Dulles!

Welcome to the Washington Hub of Virtual United Airlines. Unlike some of the other Hubs we are focused (quite strongly) on the "Express" side of things, and as such have a wide assortment of the fleet available to us. Whether you're a CAT I or CAT V pilot, you will find flights for you available at this hub, making us a great place to spend and enjoy your Virtual United career. My hope is that you'll enjoy your time experiencing the various aircraft's, routes and experiences available to you here at Washington, and that in doing so, you'll become a better pilot, a better flight simmer, and that you'll have fun doing it!

Thanks for visiting Washington-Dulles... See You In The Skies!

Eric Elia
KIAD Hub Manager

Hub Statistics


Total Pilots: 68
Total Flights: 9568
Total Hours: 36629
Total Miles: 14,916,359 nm
Total Fuel Used: 446,213,297 lbs
Avg. Landing Rate: -226 fpm

May 2017

Number of Flights: 135
Flight Hours: 555
Miles Travelled: 240,100 nm
Fuel Used: 7,638,410 lbs
Avg. Landing Rate: -217 fpm

KIAD Pilots

Pilot ID Name Rank Flights Hours
UAL002 United States Garfield Smith P1 - COO ATP Captain 726 6715.19
UAL024 United States Eric Elia - KIAD HM ATP Captain 922 3477.36
UAL045 United States Jason Wesche - KIAD AHM ATP Captain 388 1630.53
UAL500 United States Frank Johnson ATP Captain 755 3804.56
UAL501 United States Terrance Milanese ATP Captain 5 134.58
UAL502 China Sam Chen ATP Captain 174 1786.25
UAL503 Brazil Bruno Teixeira ATP Captain 35 295.39
UAL504 United States Marco Bivins LOA 05/012017 ATP Captain 10 165.33
UAL505 United States Gia Pham ATP Captain 89 643.20
UAL506 United States Tyler Ferguson First Officer 16 28.22
UAL507 United States Dwayne VanMeerten ATP Captain 162 574.35
UAL508 United States Joe Mendez ATP Captain 611 2062.43
UAL509 United States Nathan Kofi ATP Captain 247 1598.00
UAL510 United States Jorge De Sedas ATP Captain 1 125.19
UAL511 South Africa Andre Van Wyk ATP Captain 1 126.28
UAL512 United States Delbert Drennon LOA 6/30/2017 ATP Captain 37 417.12
UAL513 United States Mark Urman ATP Captain 5 144.47
UAL514 United States Chris Pinto ATP Captain 56 339.43
UAL515 United States Nils Dietrich LOA 6/23/2017 ATP Captain 140 873.58
UAL516 United States Tom Halpin ATP Captain 210 840.05
UAL517 Germany Tom Domenic Goetz ATP Captain 89 399.24
UAL518 United States Richard Walsh ATP Captain 553 1120.57
UAL519 United States Joseph Brown ATP Captain 595 1386.19
UAL520 United States Jake Dawson ATP Captain 83 743.41
UAL521 Canada Ryan Al-HejjiRyan LOA 06/27/20 ATP Captain 50 234.01
UAL522 United States Josh Woodruff ATP Captain 5 131.41
UAL523 United States Mark Gianotis Captain 36 61.43
UAL524 United States Miguel Auchet Sr. Captain 64 101.38
UAL526 United States Leo Kennedy ATP Captain 178 1094.27
UAL527 United States Zachary Berkes Captain 50 62.27
UAL528 United States Patrick Piazza ATP Captain 86 244.24
UAL529 United States Naveen Voore ATP Captain 42 214.40
UAL530 United Arab Emirates Dominic Harte ATP Captain 55 620.51
UAL531 United States Sid Jahmo ATP Captain 16 163.37
UAL532 Congo, The Democratic Republic Of The Erick Omari P1 ATP Captain 214 592.37
UAL533 Chile Nicolas Munoz First Officer 0 4.48
UAL534 France Alexis Grojean ATP Captain 2 127.20
UAL535 Indonesia William Khoemarga ATP Captain 534 1037.16
UAL536 United States Joe Tack ATP Captain 650 2994.56
UAL537 United States Brandon Mckay ATP Captain 123 877.15
UAL538 United States Trae Bynum Captain 26 63.35
UAL539 United States Bryan Kelley LOA 06/01/2017 Sr. Captain 80 91.20
UAL540 United States Dan Svensson ATP Captain 114 224.32
UAL541 Germany Paul Zemczak ATP Captain 485 1549.58
UAL542 United States Artur Blomer ATP Captain 15 152.03
UAL543 United States Ethan Porter ATP Captain 2 126.03
UAL544 Israel Guy Eisenberg ATP Captain 0 125.00
UAL545 United States Clyde Jno Baptiste ATP Captain 104 654.10
UAL546 Puerto Rico MANUEL RIVERA First Officer 1 3.25
UAL547 United States Aaron Cannon ATP Captain 0 125.00
UAL550 Czech Republic Michal Eisner ATP Captain 52 588.18
UAL551 Germany Yannick Teutsch ATP Captain 39 353.03
UAL554 France Alexandre GUERBETTE ATP Captain 51 281.50
UAL556 United States Soonho Lee ATP Captain 51 378.43
UAL560 United States Matthew Gjedde LOA 5/15/17 Sr. Captain 43 96.04
UAL561 United Kingdom Kane Smith ATP Captain 20 181.47
UAL564 United States Vinny Barone Sr. Captain 8 111.20
UAL565 United States Tyler Bourgeois ATP Captain 2 128.52
UAL567 Germany Matthias Paul ATP Captain 33 350.50
UAL571 United States Mirco Jansky ATP Captain 87 380.53
UAL572 United States Keith Taylor First Officer 2 1.28
UAL573 United States Ben Gebbie ATP Captain 6 136.25
UAL574 United States Sam Wilskey ATP Captain 34 276.50
UAL575 United States Adam Kaminski ATP Captain 129 174.52
UAL578 Ukraine Vitaliy Omelchenko ATP Captain 43 388.44
UAL580 United States Andre Chambers ATP Captain 59 364.41



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VUAL seeks an VP of Events
     Posted on: 05/22/2017


Total Pilots: 486
Pilots Pending Approval: 1
Total Flights: 56,870
Total Hours Flown: 197,340
Passengers Carried: 11,225,041
Scheduled Flights: 24,505
Flights Today: 11