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Welcome to Houston!

Welcome to Houston, the Lone Star home of Virtual United Airlines. The merger of Continental and United grew Houston into the largest HUB in the system. As a result of this milestone, I hope our HUB members can operate within the HUB and VA at large, always mindful of the size of the HUB and how it fits into the global operation of the VA.

It should come as no surprise - even in the real world - that 'numbers crunching' and performance stats play KEY roles in the day-to-day operations of the VA. Consequently, reviewing the big picture of the Houston HUB, all of our members should go ahead and take ‘credit’ for having the highest number of P1-rated pilots in the entire VA system. That's impressive guys. Really!

With close to 8,500 VATSIM hours, 6+ years as a VATSIM member in good standing and as a VATSIM Controller, there are few questions and situations I've not encountered at least once before. Congratulations to our HUB members.
Let’s continue to grow the VA (and our HUB) by including '' in the comment section of our VATSIM/Pilot Client software. Houston HUB will continue to reflect the size, significance and important role it plays within the VA.

If you have questions, suggestions or concerns, jump on Teamspeak, post to the HUB section on our forums or shoot me an email. Three ‘Greens’ and Blue Skies.

Your Houston Hub Manager,

Jamie Clum
KIAH Hub Manager

Hub Statistics


Total Pilots: 45
Total Flights: 2524
Total Hours: 8782
Total Miles: 3,506,821 nm
Total Fuel Used: 99,676,177 lbs
Avg. Landing Rate: -213 fpm

April 2017

Number of Flights: 153
Flight Hours: 659
Miles Travelled: 283,964 nm
Fuel Used: 9,362,735 lbs
Avg. Landing Rate: -235 fpm

KIAH Pilots

Pilot ID Name Rank Flights Hours
UAL029 United States Jamie Clum - KIAH HM ATP Captain 188 665.20
UAL041 United States Johnny Bell - KIAH AHM ATP Captain 13 179.30
UAL701 United States Tom Wyatt ATP Captain 9 200.45
UAL702 United States Jeremy Young P1 ATP Captain 44 294.47
UAL703 United States Brian Kemp ATP Captain 5 137.36
UAL704 United States Andy Morales First Officer 4 38.41
UAL705 United States Mike Carducci ATP Captain 8 154.59
UAL706 United States Felix Latremouille P1 ATP Captain 263 1089.03
UAL708 Trinidad And Tobago Gary Camejo ATP Captain 63 452.53
UAL709 Germany Malte Purschke ATP Captain 6 136.00
UAL711 Slovenia Mario Kostanjevic ATP Captain 43 460.56
UAL712 United States Tim Cook ATP Captain 23 144.53
UAL713 United States Leonardo Theodorakatos ATP Captain 35 277.06
UAL714 United States Gary Walker ATP Captain 6 134.38
UAL715 United States Patrick Castro ATP Captain 53 152.36
UAL716 United States Barry Stoner ATP Captain 68 476.39
UAL717 United States Jamie Brown LOA 4/28/17 ATP Captain 106 395.18
UAL718 United States Sterling Paulsen ATP Captain 78 677.30
UAL720 United States John Kim P1 ATP Captain 27 168.07
UAL721 United States Mario Chambers ATP Captain 17 157.10
UAL723 United States Ben Helm ATP Captain 59 234.24
UAL724 United States Nachiket Sardesai ATP Captain 21 226.08
UAL725 United States Phil Long ATP Captain 14 221.25
UAL726 Bahamas Javann Zonicle ATP Captain 33 210.10
UAL727 United States Ytallo Ponte ATP Captain 31 237.39
UAL728 United States Michael Tran LOA until 6/6/17 ATP Captain 153 595.45
UAL729 United States Evan Placke First Officer 12 20.34
UAL730 Puerto Rico Ralph - Montilla Jr. - LOA Mili ATP Captain 15 208.35
UAL731 United States Christopher Tyson ATP Captain 2 126.09
UAL732 United States Justin Mutawassim ATP Captain 11 153.39
UAL735 United States Samuel Byam ATP Captain 35 131.22
UAL738 United States Cody Unruh ATP Captain 21 155.49
UAL740 United States Darryl Roach ATP Captain 4 130.50
UAL742 United States Joe Hill ATP Captain 5 159.12
UAL743 United States Clay Richards ATP Captain 2 131.50
UAL745 United States Michael Levin ATP Captain 45 207.19
UAL750 United States Cody Gulizo ATP Captain 55 549.19
UAL751 Spain David Lopez Gonzalez ATP Captain 5 167.09
UAL753 Australia Kaleb Clark ATP Captain 2 128.38
UAL754 Trinidad And Tobago Oladele Abraham ATP Captain 89 362.22
UAL755 United States Steve Adams P1 ATP Captain 840 2720.39
UAL757 United States Alex Sanchez ATP Captain 28 273.04
UAL763 United States Chad Griffin ATP Captain 7 135.10
UAL764 United States Richard McPherson ATP Captain 248 564.06



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Total Pilots: 475
Pilots Pending Approval: 2
Total Flights: 57,305
Total Hours Flown: 198,244
Passengers Carried: 11,679,440
Scheduled Flights: 16,013
Flights Today: 7