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Welcome to Los Angeles!

Welcome to the Los Angeles Hub of Virtual United Airlines. We have some of the most experienced pilots calling Socal home and I hope you will find a place in our growing local community. LAX is the origin of flights across the country and around the world, especially flights over the Pacific to Hawaii, Japan, Australia, and Micronesia. Let me know if there is anything I can do to make your time with us more enjoyable, and again, Welcome!

Liam Duffy
KLAX Hub Manager

Hub Statistics


Total Pilots: 48
Total Flights: 3486
Total Hours: 14232
Total Miles: 5,955,050 nm
Total Fuel Used: 200,961,697 lbs
Avg. Landing Rate: -232 fpm

March 2017

Number of Flights: 208
Flight Hours: 824
Miles Travelled: 337,766 nm
Fuel Used: 11,191,876 lbs
Avg. Landing Rate: -261 fpm

KLAX Pilots

Pilot ID Name Rank Flights Hours
UAL007 United States Jonathan Kost - VP of Schedules ATP Captain 1375 6761.30
UAL026 United States Liam Duffy - KLAX HM ATP Captain 713 5037.32
UAL042 United States Justin Lawrence - KLAX AHM ATP Captain 136 609.37
UAL300 United States Jon Willhite ATP Captain 978 4163.38
UAL301 United States Jonathan Bradbury ATP Captain 67 550.55
UAL302 United States Joshua Williams ATP Captain 3 141.15
UAL303 United States Kevin Lovelady ATP Captain 245 525.18
UAL304 United States Joe Lancheros ATP Captain 5 147.26
UAL305 United States Colin Stepney ATP Captain 300 600.00
UAL306 Colombia Wilmer Gutierrez ATP Captain 10 178.49
UAL307 Brazil Danilo Callegari ATP Captain 82 471.23
UAL310 United States Prentice Griffin First Officer 29 42.08
UAL312 United States Ben Mitaux ATP Captain 11 144.04
UAL313 United States Joe Solorzano ATP Captain 218 486.50
UAL315 United States Aleksander Berg ATP Captain 36 228.06
UAL316 United States Deuel Fordyce ATP Captain 132 826.06
UAL321 Australia Jack Reid ATP Captain 2 152.24
UAL322 United States Cedric Monfleur Sr. Captain 21 109.44
UAL323 United States Kevin Hoyes ATP Captain 5 130.22
UAL324 United States Christopher Tumminia ATP Captain 29 200.24
UAL331 Bahamas Jonathan Hanna ATP Captain 21 190.00
UAL336 United States Jason Weaver ATP Captain 67 224.45
UAL337 United States Zach Richards ATP Captain 48 141.08
UAL338 South Africa Takwana Shava First Officer 1 1.15
UAL339 United States Nate Bronson ATP Captain 346 1720.26
UAL340 Venezuela Alexander Rodriguez ATP Captain 0 125.00
UAL341 United States Augustine Barron ATP Captain 7 150.04
UAL342 United States Jonathan Stevens ATP Captain 58 529.31
UAL347 United States Ben Vdb First Officer 1 0.52
UAL349 China FREDERIC GERARD ATP Captain 27 238.41
UAL350 Canada Alexandre Laroche First Officer 0 0.00
UAL351 United States Troy Hardeman ATP Captain 8 140.37
UAL358 Brazil Jeferson Vargas ATP Captain 15 149.05
UAL360 France Florian Guz ATP Captain 0 125.00
UAL361 China DIYU YE ATP Captain 45 362.08
UAL362 United States Christopher Woolbright ATP Captain 8 166.18
UAL363 United States Christian Gimenez ATP Captain 2 134.57
UAL364 United States Tom Silk LOA 4/1/17 ATP Captain 121 401.36
UAL365 United States Robert Poole ATP Captain 96 360.10
UAL366 Turkey OZAN KURT First Officer 1 0.51
UAL367 United Kingdom Cory Brayshaw ATP Captain 0 125.00
UAL368 United States Markell Bastian ATP Captain 46 213.23
UAL369 Barbados Akio ODonnell ATP Captain 1 126.47
UAL370 United States Matthew Quick ATP Captain 67 508.38
UAL371 Brazil Roberto Graziano First Officer 4 27.55
UAL372 United States Russell Hill ATP Captain 22 222.57
UAL373 United States Brandon Yoder First Officer 3 45.44
UAL374 Italy Francesco Gennari ATP Captain 12 162.32




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Total Pilots: 483
Pilots Pending Approval: 2
Total Flights: 57,320
Total Hours Flown: 197,585
Passengers Carried: 11,655,713
Scheduled Flights: 16,005
Flights Today: 6