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Tokyo Narita

Welcome to Tokyo Narita!

Welcome to Virtual United's first international hub, located in Tokyo, Japan! Narita International Airport handles the majority of international passenger traffic to and from Japan, and is also a major connecting point for air traffic between Asia and the Americas. The airport handled 35,478,146 passengers in 2007.

It is the second-busiest passenger airport in Japan, busiest air freight hub in Japan, and ninth-busiest air freight hub in the world. Narita is Virtual United's gateway to the Far East! Welcome aboard!

Dennis Lynn P1
RJAA Hub Manager

Hub Statistics


Total Pilots: 48
Total Flights: 5253
Total Hours: 19287
Total Miles: 7,651,984 nm
Total Fuel Used: 244,294,778 lbs
Avg. Landing Rate: -230 fpm

November 2017

Number of Flights: 230
Flight Hours: 565
Miles Travelled: 222,907 nm
Fuel Used: 5,507,666 lbs
Avg. Landing Rate: -256 fpm

RJAA Pilots

Pilot ID Name Rank Flights Hours
UAL001 United States Gary Price - CEO ATP Captain 1141 4612.15
UAL006 Canada Sante Sottile P1 - VP of Fleet ATP Captain 199 692.34
UAL025 United States Dennis Lynn P1 - RJAA HM ATP Captain 918 3072.33
UAL049 United States Jeffrey Bice - RJAA AHM ATP Captain 376 1341.52
UAL900 United States Jack Howard First Officer 8 14.18
UAL901 United States Michael Pitaev ATP Captain 15 164.24
UAL902 Belgium Kevin Goolaerts ATP Captain 68 355.25
UAL903 United States Alex Susi ATP Captain 1 126.19
UAL904 United States Tyler Mullennax P1 ATP Captain 11 135.53
UAL905 United States John Sommers First Officer 0 0.00
UAL906 United States Michael Thomas ATP Captain 95 479.48
UAL907 United States Matthew Dirck P1 ATP Captain 320 1111.46
UAL908 United States Joshua Hazelton ATP Captain 24 122.17
UAL909 United States Felipe Nunez P1 ATP Captain 254 1032.58
UAL910 United States Ben Joshi ATP Captain 36 384.32
UAL911 United States Ryan Alex ATP Captain 13 153.45
UAL912 United States Danilo Callegari ATP Captain 3 127.05
UAL913 United States Dylan Pavliv ATP Captain 11 155.44
UAL914 United States Cale Madkour First Officer 0 0.00
UAL915 United States Nick Grewal ATP Captain 4 135.35
UAL916 United States Ray Browell Captain 27 65.17
UAL918 Brazil Carlos Amilckar ATP Captain 192 680.39
UAL919 United States Noah Taht ATP Captain 83 218.29
UAL920 Japan Takeo Koizumi First Officer 5 13.31
UAL921 Germany Marc Nehrbass ATP Captain 551 2661.18
UAL922 Oman Saud Alshidhani ATP Captain 265 1187.03
UAL923 Bahamas McTair Grant First Officer 41 37.07
UAL925 United States John Godfrey Captain 18 66.11
UAL926 United States Chad Rice First Officer 0 0.00
UAL927 United States Jorge Rodriguez ATP Captain 37 368.16
UAL930 Ukraine Nikolay Petetsky ATP Captain 48 216.45
UAL932 United States Thomas Koczkodan P1 ATP Captain 20 184.30
UAL934 United States Christopher Hall P1 ATP Captain 17 208.13
UAL935 Czech Republic Petr Knyspel ATP Captain 0 125.00
UAL936 Germany Andreas Dittrich ATP Captain 181 402.31
UAL938 United States Graham Joshi Sr. Captain 17 114.20
UAL940 United States Matthew Crawford ATP Captain 60 287.32
UAL941 Argentina Lucas Cuesta ATP Captain 3 130.29
UAL942 United States Paul Devaney ATP Captain 133 641.26
UAL944 United States Jayden Gregory ATP Captain 1 127.15
UAL945 United States Matias Vera First Officer 0 4.10
UAL946 United States Jon Cox ATP Captain 153 499.32
UAL948 Italy Davide Taliani ATP Captain 12 148.12
UAL956 United States Randy Simmons ATP Captain 394 1501.09
UAL959 United States James Zobel First Officer 0 0.00
UAL960 United States Dillon Marshall ATP Captain 4 137.44
UAL961 United Kingdom Scott Urista ATP Captain 1 130.20
UAL962 Canada Pam Magee ATP Captain 695 2477.12



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Total Pilots: 566
Pilots Pending Approval: 10
Total Flights: 62,824
Total Hours Flown: 219,142
Passengers Carried: 12,585,595
Scheduled Flights: 24,398
Flights Today: 6