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Welcome to Washington Dulles!

Welcome to the Washington Hub of Virtual United Airlines. Unlike some of the other Hubs we are focused (quite strongly) on the "Express" side of things, and as such have a wide assortment of the fleet available to us. Whether you're a CAT I or CAT V pilot, you will find flights for you available at this hub, making us a great place to spend and enjoy your Virtual United career. My hope is that you'll enjoy your time experiencing the various aircraft's, routes and experiences available to you here at Washington, and that in doing so, you'll become a better pilot, a better flight simmer, and that you'll have fun doing it!

Thanks for visiting Washington-Dulles... See You In The Skies!

Eric Elia
KIAD Hub Manager

Hub Statistics


Total Pilots: 52
Total Flights: 9514
Total Hours: 37792
Total Miles: 15,433,523 nm
Total Fuel Used: 468,692,452 lbs
Avg. Landing Rate: -232 fpm

March 2019

Number of Flights: 146
Flight Hours: 511
Miles Travelled: 198,770 nm
Fuel Used: 6,381,173 lbs
Avg. Landing Rate: -255 fpm

KIAD Pilots

Pilot ID Name Rank Flights Hours
UAL002 United States Garfield Smith P1 - COO ATP Captain 955 7384.05
UAL024 United States Eric Elia - KIAD HM ATP Captain 1162 4352.56
UAL045 United States Jason Wesche - KIAD AHM ATP Captain 533 2182.57
UAL500 United States Frank Johnson ATP Captain 879 4551.00
UAL502 China Sam Chen ATP Captain 283 2357.07
UAL504 United States Ryan Simpson ATP Captain 97 760.30
UAL506 Spain Oscar Martinez P1 ATP Captain 4 132.25
UAL507 United States Dwayne VanMeerten LOA 8/31/18 ATP Captain 177 611.24
UAL508 United States Joe Mendez ATP Captain 669 2238.04
UAL509 United States Justin Hartman First Officer 4 33.43
UAL510 United States Joey Wallace ATP Captain 8 151.19
UAL511 United States Ryan McDougald First Officer 11 27.21
UAL512 United States Delbert Drennon LOA 9/1/2018 ATP Captain 16 463.59
UAL514 United States Chris Pinto ATP Captain 183 1027.54
UAL516 United States Tom Halpin ATP Captain 287 1049.46
UAL517 Germany Tom Domenic Goetz ATP Captain 242 1120.02
UAL518 United States Richard Walsh ATP Captain 641 1275.13
UAL519 United States Ed Torres First Officer 7 13.20
UAL520 United States Jake Dawson ATP Captain 7 789.50
UAL521 United States Mengome Armand ATP Captain 53 378.03
UAL522 United States Desmond Colliers First Officer 0 0.00
UAL523 Germany Malte Purschke ATP Captain 5 137.05
UAL524 United States Miguel Auchet ATP Captain 90 140.20
UAL525 Brazil Victor Braga ATP Captain 10 190.54
UAL526 United States Leo Kennedy ATP Captain 236 1433.05
UAL527 United States Deuel Fordyce ATP Captain 71 659.23
UAL528 United States Dennis Gwozdz ATP Captain 16 175.02
UAL529 United States Joseph DeGregorio ATP Captain 6 142.18
UAL530 United States Jacob Keller ATP Captain 1 133.46
UAL531 Venezuela Ricardo Briceno First Officer 5 7.02
UAL532 Congo, The Democratic Republic Of The Erick Omari P1 ATP Captain 423 1182.42
UAL533 United States Rich Costaflis First Officer 4 5.18
UAL535 United States Justin Maillet ATP Captain 0 125.00
UAL536 United States Joe Tack LOA 11/15/2018 ATP Captain 789 3767.39
UAL537 United States Brandon Mckay ATP Captain 199 1087.04
UAL539 France Fabrice Lecouty ATP Captain 20 296.39
UAL540 United States Dan Svensson ATP Captain 160 295.06
UAL541 Germany Paul Zemczak ATP Captain 781 2199.18
UAL545 United States Chris Thayer P1 ATP Captain 3 205.06
UAL546 United States Steven Torrens ATP Captain 21 162.27
UAL548 United States Peter Bajer-Tupaj ATP Captain 44 137.38
UAL549 Russian Federation Sergey Kovalenko ATP Captain 0 125.00
UAL550 Denmark Carl Thyge Jensen ATP Captain 0 125.00
UAL552 United States Martin Bacon First Officer 30 47.53
UAL553 Japan Reo Yoshioka First Officer 4 60.47
UAL555 United States Declan Curran ATP Captain 65 451.28
UAL565 United States Dustin Record ATP Captain 43 234.58
UAL571 United States Mirco Jansky ATP Captain 122 493.15
UAL572 United States Douglas Peterson ATP Captain 48 127.07
UAL575 United States Adam Kaminski ATP Captain 166 273.54
UAL579 United States Kevin Hornaday LOA 3/02/19 ATP Captain 69 454.57
UAL580 United States Andre Chambers ATP Captain 124 653.58





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Cross the Pond 2019
     Posted on: 03/24/2019


Total Pilots: 436
Pilots Pending Approval: 0
Total Flights: 72,479
Total Hours Flown: 295,431
Passengers Carried: 14,101,532
Scheduled Flights: 24,304
Flights Today: 52

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