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Welcome to Houston!

Welcome to Houston, the Lone Star home of Virtual United Airlines. The merger of Continental and United grew Houston into the largest HUB in the system. As a result of this milestone, I hope our HUB members can operate within the HUB and VA at large, always mindful of the size of the HUB and how it fits into the global operation of the VA.

It should come as no surprise - even in the real world - that 'numbers crunching' and performance stats play KEY roles in the day-to-day operations of the VA. Consequently, reviewing the big picture of the Houston HUB, all of our members should go ahead and take ‘credit’ for having the highest number of P1-rated pilots in the entire VA system. That's impressive guys. Really!

With close to 8,500 VATSIM hours, 6+ years as a VATSIM member in good standing and as a VATSIM Controller, there are few questions and situations I've not encountered at least once before. Congratulations to our HUB members.
Let’s continue to grow the VA (and our HUB) by including '' in the comment section of our VATSIM/Pilot Client software. Houston HUB will continue to reflect the size, significance and important role it plays within the VA.

If you have questions, suggestions or concerns, jump on Teamspeak, post to the HUB section on our forums or shoot me an email. Three ‘Greens’ and Blue Skies.

Your Houston Hub Manager,

Jamie Clum
KIAH Hub Manager

Hub Statistics


Total Pilots: 46
Total Flights: 4296
Total Hours: 15363
Total Miles: 6,250,629 nm
Total Fuel Used: 167,338,369 lbs
Avg. Landing Rate: -223 fpm

March 2018

Number of Flights: 159
Flight Hours: 698
Miles Travelled: 299,693 nm
Fuel Used: 8,501,833 lbs
Avg. Landing Rate: -217 fpm

KIAH Pilots

Pilot ID Name Rank Flights Hours
UAL008 United States Chris Woolbright - VP of Events ATP Captain 149 781.53
UAL029 United States Jamie Clum - KIAH HM ATP Captain 210 714.40
UAL041 United States Josh Green - KIAH AHM ATP Captain 51 129.11
UAL701 Trinidad And Tobago Oladele Abraham ATP Captain 10 145.08
UAL702 United States Steve Adams P1 ATP Captain 1098 3988.40
UAL703 United States Michael Levin ATP Captain 6 134.19
UAL704 United States Andy Morales ATP Captain 27 160.38
UAL705 United States Mike Carducci ATP Captain 21 199.35
UAL706 United States Felix Latremouille P1 ATP Captain 326 1415.51
UAL707 United States Colin Newman LOA 3/19/2018 First Officer 0 0.00
UAL708 Trinidad And Tobago Gary Camejo ATP Captain 121 760.17
UAL709 United States Steven Drabbant First Officer 7 12.58
UAL710 United States Daniel Porter LOA MIL ATP Captain 3 131.28
UAL711 Slovenia Mario Kostanjevic ATP Captain 76 576.05
UAL712 United Kingdom Ahmed Alyaan First Officer 0 6.24
UAL713 United States Leonardo Theodorakatos ATP Captain 76 410.29
UAL714 United States Gary Walker ATP Captain 21 183.01
UAL715 United States Justin Willis First Officer 9 6.43
UAL716 United States Barry Stoner ATP Captain 197 884.40
UAL717 United States Jamie Brown ATP Captain 162 549.26
UAL718 United States Sterling Paulsen ATP Captain 240 2220.51
UAL720 United States John Kim P1 LOA until 5/15/18 ATP Captain 115 492.21
UAL721 United States Mario Chambers ATP Captain 52 214.12
UAL722 United States Donald Aimer ATP Captain 0 125.00
UAL724 United States Nachiket Sardesai LOA 04/01/2018 ATP Captain 33 273.04
UAL725 United States Andrew Jones ATP Captain 7 137.26
UAL726 Bahamas Javann Zonicle ATP Captain 52 250.42
UAL727 United States Patrick Simmons First Officer 1 0.26
UAL729 United States Evan Placke ATP Captain 348 984.30
UAL732 United States Justin Mutawassim ATP Captain 24 209.02
UAL733 United States Jesse Proffitt ATP Captain 55 259.13
UAL735 United States Samuel Byam ATP Captain 48 186.32
UAL736 United States Jay McFerdy ATP Captain 38 191.12
UAL740 United States Carlos Gomez First Officer 14 35.01
UAL741 United States Joseph Kennedy Captain 61 77.16
UAL748 United States Bryan Hendricks ATP Captain 41 227.06
UAL750 United States Cody Gulizo ATP Captain 103 689.15
UAL752 Poland Marek Fronczek LOA 03/15/2018 ATP Captain 22 188.50
UAL756 United States Christopher Cleveland ATP Captain 3 144.08
UAL758 United States Amrick Dhillon ATP Captain 14 186.40
UAL760 United States Steven Milligan ATP Captain 504 552.07
UAL762 United States Jonathan Poindexter ATP Captain 80 162.00
UAL764 United States Richard McPherson ATP Captain 470 1131.51
UAL765 United States Michael Phelps First Officer 0 0.00
UAL767 United States Grant Shelton ATP Captain 12 153.47
UAL769 Israel Erez Stozenko ATP Captain 53 565.38

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Passover Control Room
     Posted on: 03/20/2018
Welcome to Jet City!
     Posted on: 03/08/2018


Total Pilots: 580
Pilots Pending Approval: 5
Total Flights: 67,153
Total Hours Flown: 229,596
Passengers Carried: 12,753,631
Scheduled Flights: 24,523
Flights Today: 13

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