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Welcome to Chicago O'Hare!

Welcome to Virtual United's Chicago O'Hare Hub page. Prior to the United Continental merger, this hub served as the primary and largest hub for United Airlines serving over 134 markets. Please drop by often, as this page will be continuously updated with new and pertinent info for pilots and fans alike.

If you are considering joining our hub/airline, feel free to fill out an application and be sure to select KORD as your hub! Should you choose to make United your VA, we hope you choose to make Chicago your home!

Matthew McCutcheon P1
KORD Hub Manager

Hub Statistics


Total Pilots: 56
Total Flights: 4408
Total Hours: 14403
Total Miles: 5,835,539 nm
Total Fuel Used: 163,293,348 lbs
Avg. Landing Rate: -230 fpm

November 2017

Number of Flights: 169
Flight Hours: 484
Miles Travelled: 187,717 nm
Fuel Used: 4,164,338 lbs
Avg. Landing Rate: -242 fpm

KORD Pilots

Pilot ID Name Rank Flights Hours
UAL022 United States Matthew McCutcheon P1 - KORD HM ATP Captain 348 1226.14
UAL043 United States Colin Atwood - KORD AHM ATP Captain 206 568.40
UAL100 Virgin Islands, U.S. Vince Hendrickson LOA ATP Captain 959 4977.46
UAL101 Canada Ken Wimble Sr. Captain 50 116.00
UAL102 United States Joey Wallace ATP Captain 5 138.00
UAL104 United States Joe Vendemia ATP Captain 76 269.43
UAL105 United States Connor Schafer Sr. Captain 25 104.39
UAL106 United States Andrew Masse ATP Captain 20 169.34
UAL107 Belgium Marc Carette ATP Captain 69 651.49
UAL109 Germany Jan Max Molleken Captain 4 71.39
UAL110 Brazil Victor Bueno ATP Captain 0 125.00
UAL111 United States Robert Welch ATP Captain 53 190.01
UAL112 United States John Halford ATP Captain 41 197.40
UAL113 Poland Adam Matyka First Officer 5 1.57
UAL114 United States Micah Flinn ATP Captain 112 256.11
UAL115 United States Brian Plumb ATP Captain 139 1524.04
UAL117 United States Ryan Chan ATP Captain 39 218.25
UAL121 United States Yezad Anklesaria ATP Captain 91 375.01
UAL122 United States Joe Cardenas ATP Captain 170 1118.34
UAL123 United States Carlos Tello ATP Captain 10 151.57
UAL124 United States Bester Joubert ATP Captain 159 371.03
UAL125 United States Christopher Bruner ATP Captain 65 319.23
UAL126 United States Joshua Myatt ATP Captain 24 180.08
UAL127 United States Garrett Bock Captain 20 87.00
UAL128 United States Brent Baker ATP Captain 89 423.21
UAL129 Denmark Henrik Mikkelsen ATP Captain 38 383.51
UAL130 United States Brandon Daly ATP Captain 0 125.00
UAL131 United States Joel Zimmerman ATP Captain 6 145.33
UAL132 United States John Nicholson First Officer 0 0.00
UAL133 United States Steven Martini ATP Captain 35 223.00
UAL134 Romania Ioan Bogdan Rata P1 LOA 12/22/ First Officer 7 10.19
UAL136 United States Kurt Krimmel ATP Captain 203 1289.53
UAL140 United States Saharat Tareelap ATP Captain 102 524.04
UAL142 United States Adam Mazur-P1 ATP Captain 457 1373.33
UAL143 United States Mike Cahill ATP Captain 9 146.09
UAL144 United States Mark Parks ATP Captain 18 165.38
UAL145 United States Hadi Chouhdry ATP Captain 166 938.20
UAL146 Jamaica Kareem Morrison ATP Captain 94 487.28
UAL147 United States Kwasi Nyarko First Officer 0 0.00
UAL148 United States Alexander Scott First Officer 2 4.12
UAL151 United States JC Sicat ATP Captain 211 962.43
UAL152 United States Tom Hartigan ATP Captain 63 292.42
UAL153 United States Brian Walker ATP Captain 158 176.36
UAL154 Costa Rica Rodrigo Vega ATP Captain 221 521.24
UAL156 United States Bob Donovan ATP Captain 141 425.55
UAL157 United States Shiven Patel ATP Captain 68 311.45
UAL160 United States Sunny Mathew Captain 0 70.41
UAL161 United States John Hazamath Sr. Captain 22 107.12
UAL162 Canada Matt Kolodziej ATP Captain 19 187.12
UAL163 Brazil Jo Victor First Officer 5 20.28
UAL164 United States Stevan Harris ATP Captain 1 125.19
UAL165 Congo, The Democratic Republic Of The Glodi David Mbilo ATP Captain 0 125.00
UAL166 United States Keagan Rapp ATP Captain 4 135.53
UAL167 Canada Nick Skog ATP Captain 2 135.03
UAL168 United Kingdom David Stringer Captain 25 62.06
UAL169 Brazil Bruno Temporim First Officer 10 21.45



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Total Pilots: 566
Pilots Pending Approval: 1
Total Flights: 62,630
Total Hours Flown: 218,586
Passengers Carried: 12,551,715
Scheduled Flights: 24,388
Flights Today: 71