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Welcome to Chicago O'Hare!

Welcome to Virtual United's Chicago O'Hare Hub page. Prior to the United Continental merger, this hub served as the primary and largest hub for United Airlines serving over 134 markets. Please drop by often, as this page will be continuously updated with new and pertinent info for pilots and fans alike.

If you are considering joining our hub/airline, feel free to fill out an application and be sure to select KORD as your hub! Should you choose to make United your VA, we hope you choose to make Chicago your home!

Colin Atwood
KORD Hub Manager

Hub Statistics


Total Pilots: 50
Total Flights: 9214
Total Hours: 38650
Total Miles: 16,251,789 nm
Total Fuel Used: 442,655,402 lbs
Avg. Landing Rate: -227 fpm

January 2021

Number of Flights: 216
Flight Hours: 887
Miles Travelled: 366,723 nm
Fuel Used: 9,264,189 lbs
Avg. Landing Rate: -205 fpm

KORD Pilots

Pilot ID Name Rank Flights Hours
UAL005 United States Victor Cabrales - VP of Web Tech ATP Captain 209 586.20
UAL022 United States Colin Atwood - KORD HM ATP Captain 715 1917.04
UAL100 Virgin Islands, U.S. Vince Hendrickson ATP Captain 1112 5793.14
UAL101 United States Adam Mazur-P1 ATP Captain 2238 14782.00
UAL103 United States Ronny Whaley Sr. LOA 10/21/2020 ATP Captain 268 1474.46
UAL107 Belgium Marc Carette ATP Captain 159 1232.39
UAL109 United States Vitalii Omelchenko ATP Captain 21 204.31
UAL112 Switzerland Christopher Steffen ATP Captain 51 240.25
UAL114 United States Francisco Fortes ATP Captain 96 215.58
UAL115 United States Brian Plumb LOA 12/5/2020 ATP Captain 193 1719.38
UAL117 Mexico Arturo Granados Sanchez ATP Captain 745 2441.05
UAL118 Greece Giannis Stafylis ATP Captain 225 492.49
UAL121 United States Vincent Carlo ATP Captain 6 138.48
UAL122 United States Martin Wolin ATP Captain 34 233.22
UAL123 United States Jermaine Smith ATP Captain 2 128.10
UAL124 United States Joel Wolk ATP Captain 119 167.26
UAL125 United States David Rodgers ATP Captain 3 151.38
UAL126 United States Steven Milligan ATP Captain 1284 1780.12
UAL128 United States Brent Baker ATP Captain 169 639.08
UAL129 United States Rudolf Slintak Sr. Captain 8 113.52
UAL130 United Kingdom Jack King ATP Captain 322 1553.51
UAL133 Brazil Thiago Cunha ATP Captain 2 136.10
UAL134 United States Dan Cast ATP Captain 18 156.28
UAL135 United States Thomas Hosteng ATP Captain 3 131.48
UAL136 United States William Gilday ATP Captain 57 247.42
UAL137 United States Connor Anderson ATP Captain 118 455.16
UAL138 Brazil Gabriel Medeiros ATP Captain 0 125.00
UAL140 United States Saharat Tareelap ATP Captain 323 2338.12
UAL141 United States Thierry Nguepdjo ATP Captain 467 2110.10
UAL142 United States Deryk Dartey ATP Captain 42 153.25
UAL143 United States Rafael Lopes ATP Captain 169 653.22
UAL144 United States Doug Silbert ATP Captain 97 451.15
UAL145 United States Kurtis De Pree ATP Captain 70 241.17
UAL146 Switzerland Ian Imhof ATP Captain 52 273.03
UAL147 United States David Jacobson ATP Captain 3 134.11
UAL149 United States Daniel Orme ATP Captain 152 1012.33
UAL150 United States Chandler Hudson First Officer 0 9.58
UAL152 United States Tom Hartigan ATP Captain 277 995.55
UAL154 United States Aaron Burno ATP Captain 3 132.43
UAL157 United States Shiven Patel ATP Captain 117 430.48
UAL158 United States Greg Lutha LOA 12/31/2020 ATP Captain 52 231.00
UAL160 Canada Kevin Lerman ATP Captain 21 130.39
UAL161 United States John Hazamath ATP Captain 324 616.31
UAL162 United States JC Sicat ATP Captain 90 327.37
UAL163 United States Ronald Denby P1 ATP Captain 223 760.03
UAL164 United States Kenneth Parsons First Officer 8 60.40
UAL172 United States Ben Schine ATP Captain 2 133.09
UAL181 United States Francisco Fortes ATP Captain 3 130.59
UAL183 United States James London Sr. Captain 20 115.50






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Total Pilots: 396
Pilots Pending Approval: 6
Total Flights: 88,915
Total Hours Flown: 422,997
Passengers Carried: 18,882,106
Scheduled Flights: 32,463
Flights Today: 2

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