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San Francisco International Airport (IATA: SFO, ICAO: KSFO) is a major international airport located 13 miles (21 km) south of downtown San Francisco, California, United States, adjacent to the cities of Millbrae and San Bruno in unincorporated San Mateo County. It is often referred to as SFO. The airport has flights to destinations throughout North America and is a major gateway to Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Known for its world-renown landmarks and neighborhoods, San Francisco is a place that you will never want to leave. United Airlines has operated at San Francisco International Airport (SFO) since 1926, and is the citys largest carrier. United has a variety of destinations to choose from departing SFO; its your choice to pick where you would like to travel.

KSFO Hub Manager

Hub Statistics


Total Pilots: 71
Total Flights: 8352
Total Hours: 33780
Total Miles: 13,423,623 nm
Total Fuel Used: 378,744,957 lbs
Avg. Landing Rate: -219 fpm

May 2018

Number of Flights: 200
Flight Hours: 909
Miles Travelled: 365,647 nm
Fuel Used: 10,010,601 lbs
Avg. Landing Rate: -239 fpm

KSFO Pilots

Pilot ID Name Rank Flights Hours
UAL400 United States Zachary Watkins ATP Captain 67 173.08
UAL401 United States MIke Garner ATP Captain 154 828.38
UAL402 Canada Tomas Hansson P2 LOA 06/01/2018 ATP Captain 36 226.06
UAL403 United States Joey Shell Sr. Captain 2 120.16
UAL404 India Paresh Patel ATP Captain 155 301.15
UAL405 United States George King First Officer 16 56.30
UAL406 Ireland Stephen Hall ATP Captain 169 472.17
UAL407 United States Ryan Sullivan Sr. Captain 4 104.24
UAL409 Daniel Boag ATP Captain 22 177.41
UAL410 Brazil Luciano Santos ATP Captain 1 126.54
UAL412 United States Harry Linsenmayer ATP Captain 6 160.50
UAL413 Sweden Martin Stockzell ATP Captain 66 200.41
UAL414 United States Daniel MacLaury ATP Captain 63 430.22
UAL415 United States Nate Winslow First Officer 3 4.03
UAL416 United States Alen Strmac ATP Captain 293 1333.56
UAL417 Denmark Nils Erik Bekker ATP Captain 79 279.23
UAL418 United States Ariel Bardavid P1 ATP Captain 165 431.48
UAL419 United States Rick Hirsch ATP Captain 17 168.39
UAL420 Kenya Reginald Odhiambo ATP Captain 274 535.52
UAL421 United States Josh Balog ATP Captain 189 759.32
UAL422 United States Troy Miller ATP Captain 249 817.18
UAL423 United States Paul Gallo P1 ATP Captain 351 2050.20
UAL424 United States Garrett Keser LOA 06/01/2018 First Officer 8 42.10
UAL425 United States Luis Rimoli ATP Captain 447 797.39
UAL426 United Kingdom Cory Brayshaw ATP Captain 4 129.40
UAL427 Poland Wojciech Gozdziewski ATP Captain 4 132.45
UAL428 United States Nigel Jones P1 ATP Captain 239 304.41
UAL429 United States Jhamal Miles ATP Captain 70 288.45
UAL430 United States Mirza Samnani LOA 5/10/2018 ATP Captain 41 379.43
UAL431 France Alberto Naim ATP Captain 27 216.58
UAL432 United States Anthony Edwards ATP Captain 0 125.00
UAL433 United States Kris Greenough ATP Captain 92 555.57
UAL434 United States Allan Hallsson LOA 02/15/2018 ATP Captain 64 325.00
UAL435 United States Rich Del Secco ATP Captain 1727 11324.30
UAL436 United States John C White First Officer 1 0.55
UAL437 United States Shawn Meacham ATP Captain 14 180.48
UAL438 United States Kyle Covert First Officer 1 44.11
UAL439 United States Evaristo Cedillo ATP Captain 4 134.45
UAL440 United States Tom Davis ATP Captain 836 2439.03
UAL441 United States Stephen Forsgren ATP Captain 389 1182.41
UAL442 United States Chris Messing ATP Captain 50 327.59
UAL444 United States Jim Wilson ATP Captain 95 205.49
UAL445 United States Gene Cao LOA 6/1/2018 ATP Captain 354 1650.02
UAL446 United States Cody Wendling LOA 11/10/2017 First Officer 12 29.40
UAL447 Portugal Antonio Joaquim ATP Captain 4 137.33
UAL448 United States Kristopher Plummer ATP Captain 256 1381.16
UAL450 Czech Republic Tomáš Mráz Captain 5 68.02
UAL452 United States David Freeman ATP Captain 91 509.41
UAL453 United States Justin Krasinski ATP Captain 26 184.03
UAL454 United States Derrick Were First Officer 7 4.26
UAL456 United States Brian Corwin ATP Captain 7 162.25
UAL459 India Yuvraj Modi ATP Captain 49 400.28
UAL461 Switzerland Julien Chabbey ATP Captain 1 126.36
UAL462 United States Dane Joshie ATP Captain 19 149.19
UAL463 United States Tom Baird ATP Captain 58 194.20
UAL464 United Kingdom David Greaves Sr. Captain 27 116.11
UAL466 United Kingdom Nick Brown ATP Captain 104 444.07
UAL470 United States Shaun Dobbs ATP Captain 10 151.39
UAL471 United States Jim Nessen ATP Captain 1 126.05
UAL476 United States Patrick Kagel Sr. Captain 5 111.46
UAL478 United States Michael Pitaev ATP Captain 171 733.00
UAL481 United States Xavier Tharpe LOA 7/1/18 ATP Captain 12 145.09
UAL484 Ghana Okyere Obed First Officer 4 7.46
UAL487 Canada Pierre Castonguay ATP Captain 4 131.21
UAL488 United States Kevin Simpson Captain 28 66.49
UAL490 United States Matthew Ford First Officer 7 6.14
UAL491 United States Salah Al-Mahdouri First Officer 4 8.26
UAL492 United States Bill Bondi First Officer 22 32.52
UAL494 United States Ryan Del Carlo First Officer 2 2.27
UAL495 United States Gerald Kara ATP Captain 16 165.28

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Total Pilots: 563
Pilots Pending Approval: 6
Total Flights: 69,800
Total Hours Flown: 242,606
Passengers Carried: 13,459,001
Scheduled Flights: 24,593
Flights Today: 12

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