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Tokyo Narita

Welcome to Tokyo Narita!

Welcome to Virtual United's first international hub, located in Tokyo, Japan! Narita International Airport handles the majority of international passenger traffic to and from Japan, and is also a major connecting point for air traffic between Asia and the Americas. The airport handled 35,478,146 passengers in 2007.

It is the second-busiest passenger airport in Japan, busiest air freight hub in Japan, and ninth-busiest air freight hub in the world. Narita is Virtual United's gateway to the Far East! Welcome aboard!

Dennis Lynn P1
RJAA Hub Manager

Hub Statistics


Total Pilots: 42
Total Flights: 7646
Total Hours: 27939
Total Miles: 11,311,045 nm
Total Fuel Used: 344,834,293 lbs
Avg. Landing Rate: -234 fpm

September 2020

Number of Flights: 105
Flight Hours: 338
Miles Travelled: 137,222 nm
Fuel Used: 3,738,473 lbs
Avg. Landing Rate: -302 fpm

RJAA Pilots

Pilot ID Name Rank Flights Hours
UAL001 United States Gary Price P1 - CEO ATP Captain 1488 6544.24
UAL025 United States Dennis Lynn P1 - RJAA HM ATP Captain 580 3443.22
UAL049 United States Jeffrey Bice P1 - RJAA AHM ATP Captain 417 1598.03
UAL517 Argentina Sergio Martin ATP Captain 31 154.47
UAL900 United States Jared Yost P1 ATP Captain 346 1080.36
UAL901 United States Danny Vinson P1 ATP Captain 235 261.25
UAL904 United States Joseph Bar-Nadav ATP Captain 41 206.01
UAL905 United States Mark Di Domenico ATP Captain 406 1162.26
UAL906 United States Michael Thomas ATP Captain 194 677.22
UAL907 United States Matthew Dirck P1 ATP Captain 550 1676.59
UAL909 United States Felipe Nunez P1 ATP Captain 314 1393.36
UAL910 Canada Wesley Perlinger ATP Captain 31 244.31
UAL913 Brazil Sergio Campos ATP Captain 167 622.10
UAL914 United States Dennis Allen P1 ATP Captain 782 1488.03
UAL915 Philippines Skyeler Kho Sr. Captain 60 120.15
UAL916 United States Ray Browell P1 LOA Sr. Captain 72 112.07
UAL917 United States Ryan Del Carlo First Officer 9 13.25
UAL918 Ecuador Jorge Najera ATP Captain 74 385.01
UAL919 United States Noah Taht ATP Captain 213 725.44
UAL921 Germany Marc Nehrbass LOA 10/01/2020 ATP Captain 790 4116.39
UAL922 United Kingdom Klaus Legrand First Officer 1 18.29
UAL923 Philippines Benjamin Turner ATP Captain 48 237.28
UAL924 United States Paul Devaney ATP Captain 99 535.26
UAL925 United States Steve McCoy ATP Captain 13 143.15
UAL926 Germany Sven Hagedorn LOA 10/08/2020 ATP Captain 135 508.57
UAL927 United States Jorge Rodriguez ATP Captain 91 648.33
UAL928 United States Don Gessells P1 ATP Captain 679 2876.19
UAL929 United States Gary Wilson ATP Captain 1369 3443.51
UAL930 Australia Fred Fleuren LOA 04/30/2020 ATP Captain 6 141.14
UAL931 United States Victor Martinez P2 ATP Captain 1534 4506.39
UAL932 United States Adam Piverotto First Officer 3 3.28
UAL934 United States Christopher Hall P1 ATP Captain 44 262.11
UAL936 Germany Andreas Dittrich ATP Captain 249 501.34
UAL940 United States Matthew Crawford ATP Captain 201 670.34
UAL941 Portugal Fabio Costa First Officer 0 19.56
UAL949 United States Barry Stoner ATP Captain 242 1134.02
UAL951 United States Brian Dee ATP Captain 0 125.00
UAL952 United States Nathan Kennedy ATP Captain 0 125.00
UAL962 Canada Pam Magee ATP Captain 1330 4393.47
UAL963 Brazil Alexandro Vieira First Officer 0 59.42
UAL964 Hong Kong Wai Tak Wu First Officer 0 9.13
UAL965 Spain Pablo Trigo Captain 0 90.18






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Total Pilots: 635
Pilots Pending Approval: 3
Total Flights: 90,043
Total Hours Flown: 402,164
Passengers Carried: 18,776,520
Scheduled Flights: 32,605
Flights Today: 15

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