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Pilot Report - December 31, 1969

PIREP Details

  • PIC:
  • Dep. ICAO:
  • Flight Time:
  • Submitted: 12/31/1969
  • Arr. ICAO:
  • Status: Approval Pending

Flight Details

  • Departure Field: ()
  • Aircraft: ()
  • Miles Travelled: nm
  • Arrival Field: ()
  • Landing Rate: fpm
  • Fuel Used: lbs
  • Route Flown:

Flight Log


  • Colin Atwood - KORD HM writes:“Per the Virtual United Airlines Operations Handbook: 2.4 Multiple Memberships: Pilots and Staff may fly for other Virtual Airlines as long as they complete the required flight amount set forth in this handbook. Pilots are not allowed to submit multiple PIREPs for one flight with more than one Virtual Airline, also called Double PIREPing. First offense will result in a warning and a second offense could result in suspension or termination from the Virtual Airline. 4.2 Flight Requirements: Our general flight requirements are as follows: Aircraft Usage & Aircraft Livery: e. Flights must be completed in a United or another Star Alliance airline livery. If a pilot submits a PIREP with a non United Airlines, United Express, or STAR Alliance airline livery, the PIREP will be rejected. f. Charter flights can ONLY be flown in United Airlines or United Express livery. NO Exceptions. g. Pilots are limited to flying aircraft in their CAT rating. Pilots are allowed to substitute aircraft on any flight as long as, 1. the pilot is eligible to fly the plane (i.e. in his/her CAT rating or lower), and 2. the aircraft being is flown is the same livery. Your flight per Vataware was flown as a Delta 528T which is not a Star Alliance carrier. Colin Atwood - AHM”

Route Map



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