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Before you register, please review our operations guide, linked below. It contains vital information on flying with Virtual United Airlines, and offers what you can expect when flying with us.

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Once you have reviewed the guide, you can fill out the registration form below. Please take time to fill out as much information as you can.

All applications will be processed in a timely matter. Please contact VP Human Resources with any questions or concerns about your application statuts.

Thank you for your interest in flying with Virtual United! We look forward to adding you to our family!

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Note: Our current hub cap is 100 pilots. Your hub does not limit where you can fly from or to.            Additionally, you are free to request a hub transfer as spots become available.

It is required to fill in either a Vatsim ID or an IVAO ID

By clicking register, you agree to the Terms & Conditions set forth by Virtual United. You also agree that you have read and will comply with the vUAL Operations Guide.





01/23/2020 ‐ Japan Group Tour 1/5
01/24/2020 ‐ Northeast FNO
01/25/2020 ‐ KSEA/KDEN - Mountain Mayhem
01/25/2020 ‐ Tulips to Toronto
01/30/2020 ‐ Japan Group Tour 2/5
01/31/2020 ‐ Frozen Lakeshore FNO - KORD
02/06/2020 ‐ Japan Group Tour 3/5
02/08/2020 ‐ KSFO/KLAX Friday Night Flights (FNO)
02/09/2020 ‐ KSEA/PHNL Divert to Paradise
02/11/2020 ‐ KORD - Chicagoland Challenge
02/13/2020 ‐ Japan Group Tour 4/5
02/14/2020 ‐ Feel The Love FNO
02/15/2020 ‐ Daytona 500
02/20/2020 ‐ Japan Group Tour 5/5
02/21/2020 ‐ Capital Cluster FNO
02/22/2020 ‐ KCLE - Operation Frost
02/28/2020 ‐ KMSP Frozen 5K FNO
02/29/2020 ‐ Leap into Orlando (KMCO)
03/14/2020 ‐ Have Some Madeira, My Dear!


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Total Pilots: 501
Pilots Pending Approval: 8
Total Flights: 79,039
Total Hours Flown: 348,201
Passengers Carried: 16,162,872
Scheduled Flights: 32,492
Flights Today: 3

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