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Senior Staff

Name Position E-Mail
Gary Price P1CEO
Garfield Smith
Larry Bell P1VP of Human
Victor CabralesVP of Web
Eric FieldsVP of Public
Jonathan Kost P1VP of
Kevin FinchVP of
Pat Schoof VP of
Nicholas CooperAsst. VP of Web

Hub Managers

Name Position E-Mail
Colin AtwoodChicago O'Hare Hub
Colin AtwoodChicago O'Hare Asst. Hub
Joerg SchwuchowDenver Hub
Joerg SchwuchowDenver Asst. Hub
Tyler Mullennax Houston Hub
Tyler Mullennax Houston Asst. Hub
Liam DuffyLos Angeles Hub
Justin LawrenceLos Angeles Asst. Hub
Dennis Lynn P1Narita Hub
Jeffrey Bice LOA 9/1/20Narita Assistant Hub
Gary CauleyNewark Hub
Duane Palmore P1Newark Asst. Hub
Jeremy YoungSan Francisco Hub
David FreemanSan Francisco Asst. Hub
Eric EliaWashington Hub
Jason WescheWashington Asst. Hub





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MSFS Avail on Aug. 18
     Posted on: 07/13/2020
ATP/F1 legs for July
     Posted on: 06/23/2020


Total Pilots: 615
Pilots Pending Approval: 1
Total Flights: 86,603
Total Hours Flown: 389,398
Passengers Carried: 17,897,764
Scheduled Flights: 32,501
Flights Today: 9

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