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Virtual United Staff

Senior Staff

Name Position E-Mail
Gary Price P1CEO [email protected]
Garfield Smith P1COO[email protected]
Larry Bell P1VP of Human Resources[email protected]
Danny Vinson P1Assistant VP of Human Resources[email protected]
Victor CabralesVP of Web Technology[email protected]
Eric FieldsVP of Public Relations[email protected]
Jonathan Kost P1VP of Schedules[email protected]
Kevin FinchVP of Events[email protected]
Pat Schoof VP of Fleet[email protected]

Hub Managers

Name Position E-Mail
Colin AtwoodChicago O'Hare Hub Manager[email protected]
Colin AtwoodChicago O'Hare Asst. Hub Manager[email protected]
Joerg SchwuchowDenver Hub Manager[email protected]
Joerg SchwuchowDenver Asst. Hub Manager[email protected]
Tyler Mullennax Houston Hub Manager[email protected]
Tyler Mullennax Houston Asst. Hub Manager[email protected]
Liam DuffyLos Angeles Hub Manager[email protected]
Justin LawrenceLos Angeles Asst. Hub Manager[email protected]
Dennis Lynn P1Narita Hub Manager[email protected]
Jeffrey Bice P1Narita Assistant Hub Manager[email protected]
Gary CauleyNewark Hub Manager[email protected]
Duane Palmore P1Newark Asst. Hub Manager[email protected]
Jeremy YoungSan Francisco Hub Manager[email protected]
David FreemanSan Francisco Asst. Hub Manager[email protected]
Eric EliaWashington Hub Manager[email protected]
Jason WescheWashington Asst. Hub Manager[email protected]





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02/09/2020 ‐ KSEA/PHNL Divert to Paradise
02/11/2020 ‐ KORD - Chicagoland Challenge
02/13/2020 ‐ Japan Group Tour 4/5
02/14/2020 ‐ Feel The Love FNO
02/15/2020 ‐ Daytona 500
02/20/2020 ‐ Japan Group Tour 5/5
02/21/2020 ‐ Capital Cluster FNO
02/22/2020 ‐ KCLE - Operation Frost
02/28/2020 ‐ KMSP Frozen 5K FNO
02/29/2020 ‐ Leap into Orlando (KMCO)
03/14/2020 ‐ Have Some Madeira, My Dear!


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Total Pilots: 501
Pilots Pending Approval: 8
Total Flights: 79,040
Total Hours Flown: 348,218
Passengers Carried: 16,163,031
Scheduled Flights: 32,492
Flights Today: 4

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