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Newark Pilot Statistics - September 2013

Stats Leaders

Most Hours

Pilot Hours
UAL600 - Albert Young P1122.9
UAL005 - Jared Yost91.3
UAL629 - Bob Faison17.9
UAL685 - Bob Bressert8.1

Most Flights

Pilot Flights
UAL600 - Albert Young P136
UAL005 - Jared Yost32
UAL685 - Bob Bressert6
UAL629 - Bob Faison6

Best Landings

Pilot Aircraft Arr. ICAO Rate Date
UAL005 - Jared YostEMB-190CYUL-3809/29/2013
UAL005 - Jared YostCRJ-700PHOG-6209/09/2013
UAL005 - Jared YostB777-200RJAA-8809/14/2013
UAL685 - Bob BressertB737-700KSLC-9609/28/2013
UAL005 - Jared YostEMB-190KDEN-9909/29/2013

Most Miles Flown

Pilot Miles
UAL600 - Albert Young P153,974 nm
UAL005 - Jared Yost35,607 nm
UAL629 - Bob Faison5,249 nm
UAL685 - Bob Bressert2,348 nm

Most Fuel Burned

Pilot Fuel Burned
UAL600 - Albert Young P11,618,363 lbs
UAL005 - Jared Yost1,154,719 lbs
UAL629 - Bob Faison186,043 lbs
UAL685 - Bob Bressert36,272 lbs

Fuel Efficiency

Pilot Lbs / Hr.
UAL685 - Bob Bressert6,047 lbs/hr
UAL629 - Bob Faison12,406 lbs/hr
UAL600 - Albert Young P115,141 lbs/hr
UAL005 - Jared Yost15,413 lbs/hr

Past Months






New Award: UK-Australia 100th
     Posted on: 07/16/2019
Saturday Nite Fly - Cross The
     Posted on: 07/12/2019
Cross The Pond - Eastbound
     Posted on: 07/11/2019
New Award: Canadian Capitals
     Posted on: 06/29/2019
VUAL seeks Asst Hub Manager
     Posted on: 04/03/2019


Total Pilots: 414
Pilots Pending Approval: 5
Total Flights: 73,503
Total Hours Flown: 314,838
Passengers Carried: 14,808,350
Scheduled Flights: 23,794
Flights Today: 7

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