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Newark Pilot Statistics - December 2016

Stats Leaders

Most Hours

Pilot Hours
UAL643 - Efrain Davila61.2
UAL601 - John Santos P155.7
UAL632 - Damien Lunior55.3
UAL628 - Harrington Henry54.3
UAL605 - Mazen Abdelsalam46.7
UAL603 - Andre Mclean36.8
UAL652 - George Vergara LOA 12/10/1633.0
UAL617 - Steven Ski29.3
UAL622 - Mark M Balagtas26.2
UAL600 - Albert Young P124.7

Most Flights

Pilot Flights
UAL632 - Damien Lunior34
UAL628 - Harrington Henry33
UAL603 - Andre Mclean28
UAL643 - Efrain Davila28
UAL617 - Steven Ski20
UAL601 - John Santos P119
UAL605 - Mazen Abdelsalam10
UAL652 - George Vergara LOA 12/10/169
UAL629 - Bob Faison8
UAL622 - Mark M Balagtas7

Best Landings

Pilot Aircraft Arr. ICAO Rate Date
UAL605 - Mazen AbdelsalamCRJ-700KAUS-1812/16/2016
UAL048 - Duane PalmoreB757-200KMCO-1812/18/2016
UAL643 - Efrain DavilaCRJ-200KSFO-2012/09/2016
UAL643 - Efrain DavilaCRJ-200KBTV-2412/11/2016
UAL643 - Efrain DavilaCRJ-200KIAH-2712/12/2016

Most Miles Flown

Pilot Miles
UAL643 - Efrain Davila22,903 nm
UAL601 - John Santos P122,637 nm
UAL632 - Damien Lunior21,398 nm
UAL628 - Harrington Henry19,580 nm
UAL605 - Mazen Abdelsalam17,238 nm
UAL652 - George Vergara LOA 12/10/1613,407 nm
UAL603 - Andre Mclean13,067 nm
UAL617 - Steven Ski11,494 nm
UAL639 - Rich Mitchell P410,705 nm
UAL600 - Albert Young P110,370 nm

Most Fuel Burned

Pilot Fuel Burned
UAL603 - Andre Mclean729,950 lbs
UAL605 - Mazen Abdelsalam681,174 lbs
UAL601 - John Santos P1538,346 lbs
UAL600 - Albert Young P1522,919 lbs
UAL643 - Efrain Davila386,561 lbs
UAL652 - George Vergara LOA 12/10/16365,021 lbs
UAL628 - Harrington Henry314,521 lbs
UAL622 - Mark M Balagtas305,328 lbs
UAL632 - Damien Lunior237,367 lbs
UAL639 - Rich Mitchell P4217,167 lbs

Fuel Efficiency

Pilot Lbs / Hr.
UAL624 - Alexander Malin2,253 lbs/hr
UAL685 - Bob Bressert3,854 lbs/hr
UAL625 - Jardel Macedo4,704 lbs/hr
UAL604 - Anthony Rodriguez5,165 lbs/hr
UAL631 - James Stacy5,524 lbs/hr
UAL606 - Sean Carroll5,696 lbs/hr
UAL632 - Damien Lunior6,264 lbs/hr
UAL614 - Ethan Klapper P16,777 lbs/hr
UAL687 - Matt Rhoden6,853 lbs/hr
UAL611 - Derrick Scott P17,160 lbs/hr

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Total Pilots: 498
Pilots Pending Approval: 2
Total Flights: 72,983
Total Hours Flown: 272,749
Passengers Carried: 14,381,955
Scheduled Flights: 24,285
Flights Today: 28

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