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Newark Pilot Statistics - May 2016

Stats Leaders

Most Hours

Pilot Hours
UAL643 - Efrain Davila LOA30.0
UAL683 - Stefon White20.7
UAL028 - Matthew Garcia16.9
UAL619 - Nicolas Gattlen P114.2
UAL600 - Albert Young P112.9
UAL628 - Harrington Henry12.7
UAL652 - George Vergara12.2
UAL651 - Dave Ishmael10.9
UAL605 - Mazen Abdelsalam10.2
UAL629 - Bob Faison9.4

Most Flights

Pilot Flights
UAL628 - Harrington Henry7
UAL629 - Bob Faison5
UAL685 - Bob Bressert5
UAL652 - George Vergara5
UAL671 - Matt Kazin5
UAL688 - Julius Ullig5
UAL600 - Albert Young P14
UAL649 - Alex Lehman4
UAL605 - Mazen Abdelsalam3
UAL643 - Efrain Davila LOA3

Best Landings

Pilot Aircraft Arr. ICAO Rate Date
UAL652 - George VergaraB757-200KEWR-1005/05/2016
UAL685 - Bob BressertA320KROC-6505/09/2016
UAL685 - Bob BressertA319KFSD-8205/29/2016
UAL671 - Matt KazinA320KIAD-8305/18/2016
UAL685 - Bob BressertA319KORD-8305/04/2016

Most Miles Flown

Pilot Miles
UAL643 - Efrain Davila LOA13,547 nm
UAL683 - Stefon White8,985 nm
UAL028 - Matthew Garcia7,266 nm
UAL619 - Nicolas Gattlen P15,929 nm
UAL651 - Dave Ishmael5,334 nm
UAL600 - Albert Young P14,788 nm
UAL652 - George Vergara4,741 nm
UAL628 - Harrington Henry4,393 nm
UAL629 - Bob Faison3,730 nm
UAL605 - Mazen Abdelsalam3,481 nm

Most Fuel Burned

Pilot Fuel Burned
UAL643 - Efrain Davila LOA454,938 lbs
UAL028 - Matthew Garcia314,674 lbs
UAL683 - Stefon White256,296 lbs
UAL619 - Nicolas Gattlen P1230,792 lbs
UAL651 - Dave Ishmael161,559 lbs
UAL629 - Bob Faison133,180 lbs
UAL605 - Mazen Abdelsalam107,401 lbs
UAL652 - George Vergara102,191 lbs
UAL628 - Harrington Henry94,520 lbs
UAL600 - Albert Young P187,831 lbs

Fuel Efficiency

Pilot Lbs / Hr.
UAL687 - Matt Rhoden2,166 lbs/hr
UAL048 - Duane Palmore5,599 lbs/hr
UAL604 - Anthony Rodriguez7,426 lbs/hr
UAL685 - Bob Bressert7,952 lbs/hr
UAL600 - Albert Young P17,987 lbs/hr
UAL628 - Harrington Henry8,594 lbs/hr
UAL652 - George Vergara10,221 lbs/hr
UAL605 - Mazen Abdelsalam11,935 lbs/hr
UAL688 - Julius Ullig12,361 lbs/hr
UAL649 - Alex Lehman12,745 lbs/hr

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Total Pilots: 480
Pilots Pending Approval: 1
Total Flights: 72,594
Total Hours Flown: 278,739
Passengers Carried: 14,330,301
Scheduled Flights: 24,263
Flights Today: 11

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