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Newark Pilot Statistics - July 2017

Stats Leaders

Most Hours

Pilot Hours
UAL670 - Eugene Finogenov77.5
UAL027 - Gary Cauley46.0
UAL600 - Albert Young P144.4
UAL637 - Albert Sultan42.7
UAL644 - John Sanders41.1
UAL628 - Harrington Henry39.9
UAL605 - Mazen Abdelsalam39.4
UAL643 - Efrain Davila38.4
UAL672 - Paul Dasilva33.2
UAL615 - Chris Nicholson29.8

Most Flights

Pilot Flights
UAL628 - Harrington Henry25
UAL635 - Tyler Hubert19
UAL672 - Paul Dasilva14
UAL637 - Albert Sultan14
UAL670 - Eugene Finogenov13
UAL629 - Bob Faison11
UAL643 - Efrain Davila10
UAL600 - Albert Young P18
UAL602 - Jakob Kruse P28
UAL652 - George Vergara P18

Best Landings

Pilot Aircraft Arr. ICAO Rate Date
UAL643 - Efrain DavilaB737-800KSFO-1507/08/2017
UAL637 - Albert SultanEMB-170KPWM-3707/05/2017
UAL680 - Luis PereiraB737-800MPTO-3707/04/2017
UAL680 - Luis PereiraB737-800MPTO-3707/04/2017
UAL602 - Jakob Kruse P2B737-800KEWR-4207/03/2017

Most Miles Flown

Pilot Miles
UAL670 - Eugene Finogenov35,235 nm
UAL600 - Albert Young P118,390 nm
UAL027 - Gary Cauley18,212 nm
UAL644 - John Sanders17,094 nm
UAL643 - Efrain Davila15,932 nm
UAL628 - Harrington Henry14,813 nm
UAL615 - Chris Nicholson14,614 nm
UAL605 - Mazen Abdelsalam14,164 nm
UAL647 - Manuel Sebastian Lopez Rodriguez12,026 nm
UAL652 - George Vergara P111,673 nm

Most Fuel Burned

Pilot Fuel Burned
UAL670 - Eugene Finogenov1,399,740 lbs
UAL027 - Gary Cauley611,552 lbs
UAL644 - John Sanders518,091 lbs
UAL600 - Albert Young P1434,836 lbs
UAL605 - Mazen Abdelsalam348,844 lbs
UAL615 - Chris Nicholson341,994 lbs
UAL647 - Manuel Sebastian Lopez Rodriguez332,452 lbs
UAL652 - George Vergara P1268,124 lbs
UAL630 - Marcio Prata266,488 lbs
UAL628 - Harrington Henry261,086 lbs

Fuel Efficiency

Pilot Lbs / Hr.
UAL638 - Alex Caione0 lbs/hr
UAL683 - Stefon White0 lbs/hr
UAL671 - Matt Kazin0 lbs/hr
UAL637 - Albert Sultan1,472 lbs/hr
UAL682 - Felix Zapata4,400 lbs/hr
UAL660 - George Deckert5,269 lbs/hr
UAL680 - Luis Pereira5,603 lbs/hr
UAL672 - Paul Dasilva5,693 lbs/hr
UAL601 - John Santos P1 LOA 08/15/20176,243 lbs/hr
UAL675 - Martyn Elliott6,307 lbs/hr

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Total Pilots: 480
Pilots Pending Approval: 1
Total Flights: 72,594
Total Hours Flown: 278,750
Passengers Carried: 14,330,301
Scheduled Flights: 24,263
Flights Today: 11

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