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Washington Pilot Statistics - December 2018

Stats Leaders

Most Hours

Pilot Hours
UAL514 - Chris Pinto32.5
UAL536 - Joe Tack LOA 11/15/201824.3
UAL541 - Paul Zemczak20.2
UAL539 - Fabrice Lecouty19.9
UAL500 - Frank Johnson19.8
UAL024 - Eric Elia17.6
UAL002 - Garfield Smith P114.9
UAL504 - Ryan Simpson12.8
UAL527 - Deuel Fordyce11.8
UAL523 - Scott Porter11.4

Most Flights

Pilot Flights
UAL541 - Paul Zemczak12
UAL528 - Dennis Gwozdz5
UAL024 - Eric Elia5
UAL536 - Joe Tack LOA 11/15/20185
UAL002 - Garfield Smith P14
UAL555 - Declan Curran4
UAL532 - Erick Omari P14
UAL500 - Frank Johnson3
UAL514 - Chris Pinto3
UAL045 - Jason Wesche2

Best Landings

Pilot Aircraft Arr. ICAO Rate Date
UAL532 - Erick Omari P1B738KATL-3812/09/2018
UAL508 - Joe MendezB757-200ZWWW-5112/08/2018
UAL580 - Andre ChambersB737-900KDEN-9612/05/2018
UAL536 - Joe Tack LOA 11/15/2018B737-900KLAX-10112/10/2018
UAL546 - Steven TorrensA320KIAH-113.8512/05/2018

Most Miles Flown

Pilot Miles
UAL514 - Chris Pinto13,553 nm
UAL536 - Joe Tack LOA 11/15/201810,019 nm
UAL500 - Frank Johnson9,064 nm
UAL539 - Fabrice Lecouty8,874 nm
UAL541 - Paul Zemczak7,763 nm
UAL002 - Garfield Smith P16,336 nm
UAL024 - Eric Elia6,324 nm
UAL504 - Ryan Simpson5,765 nm
UAL527 - Deuel Fordyce5,098 nm
UAL523 - Scott Porter4,609 nm

Most Fuel Burned

Pilot Fuel Burned
UAL514 - Chris Pinto492,873 lbs
UAL539 - Fabrice Lecouty446,986 lbs
UAL504 - Ryan Simpson271,171 lbs
UAL536 - Joe Tack LOA 11/15/2018265,294 lbs
UAL527 - Deuel Fordyce240,828 lbs
UAL500 - Frank Johnson195,551 lbs
UAL024 - Eric Elia185,440 lbs
UAL502 - Sam Chen170,796 lbs
UAL002 - Garfield Smith P1168,667 lbs
UAL541 - Paul Zemczak157,406 lbs

Fuel Efficiency

Pilot Lbs / Hr.
UAL529 - Justin Cashwell0 lbs/hr
UAL545 - Chris Thayer0 lbs/hr
UAL518 - Richard Walsh0 lbs/hr
UAL524 - Miguel Auchet-3,424 lbs/hr
UAL510 - Joey Wallace5,632 lbs/hr
UAL517 - Tom Domenic Goetz7,206 lbs/hr
UAL528 - Dennis Gwozdz8,758 lbs/hr
UAL541 - Paul Zemczak9,262 lbs/hr
UAL555 - Declan Curran9,300 lbs/hr
UAL500 - Frank Johnson10,293 lbs/hr

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Total Pilots: 476
Pilots Pending Approval: 5
Total Flights: 72,466
Total Hours Flown: 278,309
Passengers Carried: 14,309,543
Scheduled Flights: 24,259
Flights Today: 6

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