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Chicago O'Hare Pilot Statistics - December 2018

Stats Leaders

Most Hours

Pilot Hours
UAL101 - Adam Mazur-P1132.5
UAL103 - Ronny Whaley Sr.24.4
UAL140 - Saharat Tareelap20.0
UAL119 - Bruno Silva19.1
UAL141 - Cale Madkour 18.2
UAL107 - Marc Carette16.9
UAL161 - John Hazamath14.3
UAL163 - Ronald Denby P114.1
UAL143 - Tim Haibach13.0
UAL128 - Brent Baker11.8

Most Flights

Pilot Flights
UAL101 - Adam Mazur-P123
UAL043 - David Cross10
UAL161 - John Hazamath9
UAL141 - Cale Madkour 8
UAL143 - Tim Haibach4
UAL103 - Ronny Whaley Sr.4
UAL163 - Ronald Denby P14
UAL147 - Thomas Buskop4
UAL125 - Christopher Bruner3
UAL111 - Robert Welch3

Best Landings

Pilot Aircraft Arr. ICAO Rate Date
UAL101 - Adam Mazur-P1B737-900KSFO-3812/11/2018
UAL101 - Adam Mazur-P1B737-900YBBN-4312/14/2018
UAL161 - John HazamathA319LFKJ-5812/13/2018
UAL101 - Adam Mazur-P1B737-900KBOS-6312/04/2018
UAL125 - Christopher BrunerB737-900KORD-6512/08/2018

Most Miles Flown

Pilot Miles
UAL101 - Adam Mazur-P152,463 nm
UAL103 - Ronny Whaley Sr.11,274 nm
UAL140 - Saharat Tareelap9,300 nm
UAL119 - Bruno Silva8,179 nm
UAL107 - Marc Carette7,536 nm
UAL141 - Cale Madkour 6,879 nm
UAL163 - Ronald Denby P15,480 nm
UAL152 - Tom Hartigan5,132 nm
UAL143 - Tim Haibach4,858 nm
UAL128 - Brent Baker4,699 nm

Most Fuel Burned

Pilot Fuel Burned
UAL101 - Adam Mazur-P11,703,366 lbs
UAL140 - Saharat Tareelap466,979 lbs
UAL103 - Ronny Whaley Sr.443,600 lbs
UAL119 - Bruno Silva433,110 lbs
UAL107 - Marc Carette310,058 lbs
UAL152 - Tom Hartigan167,627 lbs
UAL163 - Ronald Denby P1141,517 lbs
UAL128 - Brent Baker136,607 lbs
UAL141 - Cale Madkour 116,298 lbs
UAL161 - John Hazamath87,732 lbs

Fuel Efficiency

Pilot Lbs / Hr.
UAL157 - Shiven Patel0 lbs/hr
UAL122 - Joe Cardenas0 lbs/hr
UAL151 - Sidney Junior0 lbs/hr
UAL134 - Ioan Bogdan Rata P1626 lbs/hr
UAL109 - Javier Aldaz1,314 lbs/hr
UAL162 - JC Sicat2,148 lbs/hr
UAL124 - Joel Wolk3,928 lbs/hr
UAL143 - Tim Haibach5,161 lbs/hr
UAL106 - Tyler Lamb5,326 lbs/hr
UAL139 - Chad Jacobson6,161 lbs/hr

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Total Pilots: 476
Pilots Pending Approval: 6
Total Flights: 72,473
Total Hours Flown: 278,337
Passengers Carried: 14,311,124
Scheduled Flights: 24,262
Flights Today: 13

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