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July 2020 Hub Statistics

Flight Quality

Flight quality is the number of flight hours per flight.

Hub Hrs/Flt
Houston (KIAH)4.69
Washington (KIAD)3.85
Chicago O'Hare (KORD)3.76
Denver (KDEN)3.76
Newark (KEWR)3.6
Narita (RJAA)3.28
San Francisco (KSFO)2.94
Los Angeles (KLAX)2.81

Flight Hours

Hub Hours
Houston (KIAH)375.3
Chicago O'Hare (KORD)248.2
Washington (KIAD)235.0
San Francisco (KSFO)182.1
Newark (KEWR)155.0
Denver (KDEN)131.8
Los Angeles (KLAX)101.3
Narita (RJAA)82.0

Number of Flights

Hub Flights
Houston (KIAH)80
Chicago O'Hare (KORD)66
San Francisco (KSFO)62
Washington (KIAD)61
Newark (KEWR)43
Los Angeles (KLAX)36
Denver (KDEN)35
Narita (RJAA)25

Avg. Landing Rate

Hub Rate
Chicago O'Hare (KORD)-187
Newark (KEWR)-227
Houston (KIAH)-232
San Francisco (KSFO)-240
Denver (KDEN)-244
Washington (KIAD)-251
Los Angeles (KLAX)-270
Narita (RJAA)-294

Miles Flown

Hub Miles
Houston (KIAH)150,289
Chicago O'Hare (KORD)101,857
Washington (KIAD)94,145
San Francisco (KSFO)66,864
Newark (KEWR)63,417
Denver (KDEN)48,805
Los Angeles (KLAX)40,510
Narita (RJAA)31,187

Fuel Burned

Hub Fuel
Houston (KIAH)5,334,583 lbs
Washington (KIAD)3,356,284 lbs
Chicago O'Hare (KORD)2,345,891 lbs
San Francisco (KSFO)1,576,912 lbs
Newark (KEWR)1,431,708 lbs
Denver (KDEN)1,285,301 lbs
Los Angeles (KLAX)1,054,374 lbs
Narita (RJAA)837,504 lbs

Fuel Efficiency

Hub Lbs/Hr.
San Francisco (KSFO)10,616 lbs/hr
Newark (KEWR)10,705 lbs/hr
Chicago O'Hare (KORD)10,996 lbs/hr
Denver (KDEN)11,193 lbs/hr
Narita (RJAA)12,151 lbs/hr
Los Angeles (KLAX)13,037 lbs/hr
Houston (KIAH)16,013 lbs/hr
Washington (KIAD)16,402 lbs/hr

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ATP/F1 legs for July
     Posted on: 06/23/2020


Total Pilots: 602
Pilots Pending Approval: 4
Total Flights: 86,194
Total Hours Flown: 388,136
Passengers Carried: 17,830,106
Scheduled Flights: 32,490
Flights Today: 37

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