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April 2018 Hub Statistics

Flight Quality

Flight quality is the number of flight hours per flight.

Hub Hrs/Flt
Houston (KIAH)5.7
Los Angeles (KLAX)4.42
San Francisco (KSFO)4.33
Washington (KIAD)4.18
Denver (KDEN)3.72
Newark (KEWR)3.32
Chicago O'Hare (KORD)3.2
Narita (RJAA)3

Flight Hours

Hub Hours
Denver (KDEN)881.1
San Francisco (KSFO)870.2
Houston (KIAH)786.8
Los Angeles (KLAX)649.3
Washington (KIAD)518.3
Newark (KEWR)371.3
Chicago O'Hare (KORD)310.2
Narita (RJAA)237.1

Number of Flights

Hub Flights
Denver (KDEN)237
San Francisco (KSFO)201
Los Angeles (KLAX)147
Houston (KIAH)138
Washington (KIAD)124
Newark (KEWR)112
Chicago O'Hare (KORD)97
Narita (RJAA)79

Avg. Landing Rate

Hub Rate
San Francisco (KSFO)-197
Denver (KDEN)-204
Newark (KEWR)-211
Washington (KIAD)-219
Los Angeles (KLAX)-233
Houston (KIAH)-249
Narita (RJAA)-254
Chicago O'Hare (KORD)-254

Miles Flown

Hub Miles
Denver (KDEN)347,052
Houston (KIAH)325,548
San Francisco (KSFO)298,340
Los Angeles (KLAX)277,313
Washington (KIAD)215,760
Newark (KEWR)147,887
Chicago O'Hare (KORD)122,185
Narita (RJAA)92,120

Fuel Burned

Hub Fuel
Houston (KIAH)12,386,730 lbs
Denver (KDEN)9,415,620 lbs
San Francisco (KSFO)9,267,831 lbs
Los Angeles (KLAX)9,067,180 lbs
Washington (KIAD)6,474,088 lbs
Newark (KEWR)3,632,463 lbs
Chicago O'Hare (KORD)3,223,171 lbs
Narita (RJAA)2,611,465 lbs
(PGUM)2,358,672 lbs

Fuel Efficiency

Hub Lbs/Hr.
(PGUM)10,460 lbs/hr
Newark (KEWR)11,550 lbs/hr
Chicago O'Hare (KORD)12,208 lbs/hr
San Francisco (KSFO)12,237 lbs/hr
Denver (KDEN)12,562 lbs/hr
Narita (RJAA)12,834 lbs/hr
Washington (KIAD)14,164 lbs/hr
Los Angeles (KLAX)15,647 lbs/hr
Houston (KIAH)17,098 lbs/hr

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Total Pilots: 426
Pilots Pending Approval: 8
Total Flights: 74,476
Total Hours Flown: 320,001
Passengers Carried: 14,958,045
Scheduled Flights: 32,286
Flights Today: 12

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