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Welcome to Houston!

Hey ya’ll, settle in to the lone-star hub of Virtual United. George Bush Intercontinental is the 2nd largest United hub by departures and passengers carried just behind Chicago O’Hare. It also ranks as the 14th busiest airport in the United States. Due to the merger of United and Continental we adopted Houston as a new home for pilots to connect to many places on the globe. Fun fact! Houston holds the title of the first airport in North America to have nonstop flights to every inhabited continent, United touching most of them.

Here at vUAL we look forward to all skill levels and simulation platforms. With the ranking system we allow a variety of aircraft to be flown with a wide variety of routes to choose from. Here in Houston we are capable of top down route coverage considering the many United Express flights available, our International Terminal D to connect the world, and domestic United flights to all points across the U.S.

I advise everyone to go over the hub cheat sheet as you can find a lot of useful information and become familiar with your new home here in Houston. Please feel free to reach me at anytime either that be in our Teamspeak server, email, or in the forums. I look forward to speaking with every pilot here. To tailwinds and blue skies. See ya up there!

Your Houston Hub Manager,

Tyler Mullennax
KIAH Hub Manager

Hub Statistics


Total Pilots: 69
Total Flights: 9105
Total Hours: 34126
Total Miles: 14,162,905 nm
Total Fuel Used: 408,723,629 lbs
Avg. Landing Rate: -230 fpm

May 2021

Number of Flights: 108
Flight Hours: 400
Miles Travelled: 160,339 nm
Fuel Used: 3,965,431 lbs
Avg. Landing Rate: -161 fpm

KIAH Pilots

Pilot ID Name Rank Flights Hours
UAL029 United States Tyler Mullennax ATP Captain 128 540.08
UAL700 United States Chris Woolbright LOA ATP Captain 269 1461.15
UAL702 United States Steve Adams P1 ATP Captain 1398 4716.03
UAL704 United States Andy Morales ATP Captain 554 2091.45
UAL705 United States Mike Carducci ATP Captain 69 330.51
UAL707 Bahamas Rinaldo St. Cyr ATP Captain 32 223.56
UAL708 Trinidad And Tobago Gary Camejo LOA 1-12-21 ATP Captain 276 1730.05
UAL709 United States Chris Ferrell ATP Captain 35 263.32
UAL711 United States Marvin York ATP Captain 186 715.28
UAL712 United States Alfredo Cuenca ATP Captain 239 519.13
UAL713 United States Sidney Castaneda ATP Captain 176 657.30
UAL714 United States Bryce Collings LOA 06/01/2021 ATP Captain 479 2373.02
UAL715 United States Connor O'Brien ATP Captain 82 256.52
UAL716 United States Noah Henshaw ATP Captain 50 164.51
UAL717 United States Jonathan Bradbury ATP Captain 18 296.32
UAL718 United States Sterling Paulsen ATP Captain 752 7642.26
UAL719 United States Jim Davis ATP Captain 182 395.40
UAL720 United States Ricky Truong ATP Captain 14 165.25
UAL721 United States Erick Torres First Officer 0 47.53
UAL722 United States Christian Goddard ATP Captain 60 241.59
UAL723 United States Brian Colon ATP Captain 4 132.13
UAL724 United States Brandon Evans First Officer 0 0.00
UAL725 United States Charles Rowden Sr ATP Captain 34 280.40
UAL726 United States Derek Quist ATP Captain 5 154.28
UAL727 United States Robert Zolliecoffer ATP Captain 53 173.18
UAL728 United States Chris Boyd ATP Captain 4 130.19
UAL729 United States Evan Placke ATP Captain 745 2330.41
UAL730 United States Jordan Brently ATP Captain 38 184.52
UAL731 United States Zack Weisenburger First Officer 1 16.39
UAL732 Jamaica Andre McLean ATP Captain 24 160.30
UAL733 Mexico Jose Walls First Officer 0 11.34
UAL734 Australia Darren Taylor ATP Captain 3 126.49
UAL735 United States Samuel Byam ATP Captain 103 393.38
UAL736 United States Drew Ott ATP Captain 0 125.00
UAL737 United States Jeremy Jurman ATP Captain 1 127.33
UAL738 United States Terry Mcdaniel First Officer 0 0.28
UAL739 United States Shichang Jiang ATP Captain 79 483.03
UAL740 Chile Luis Alvarado First Officer 0 0.00
UAL741 Ecuador Mauricio Espinosa Pacheco ATP Captain 1 129.42
UAL742 United States Jason Diket LOA 12-31-2020 ATP Captain 61 342.15
UAL743 Turks And Caicos Islands Malik Higgs Captain 32 68.23
UAL745 United States Mario Chambers ATP Captain 12 165.04
UAL746 United States Jacob Toole ATP Captain 39 186.44
UAL748 United States Bryan Hendricks ATP Captain 225 761.59
UAL750 United States Cody Gulizo ATP Captain 181 911.39
UAL752 Poland Marek Fronczek ATP Captain 70 280.31
UAL757 United States Chris Cleveland ATP Captain 20 251.58
UAL758 United States Amrick Dhillon ATP Captain 156 1158.53
UAL759 United States Michael Marston ATP Captain 91 343.30
UAL760 United States David Ruff Captain 0 68.00
UAL761 United States Gonzalo Coll Alacid ATP Captain 152 566.59
UAL762 United States Jonathan Poindexter ATP Captain 136 289.38
UAL764 United States Richard McPherson ATP Captain 569 1325.19
UAL767 United States Brandon Lloyd Captain 7 82.41
UAL771 United States Brooks Alexander ATP Captain 34 194.05
UAL773 United States Dante Nicotera Captain 41 71.13
UAL775 United States Sergio Montani ATP Captain 100 388.15
UAL778 United States Rich Will ATP Captain 51 217.32
UAL779 United States Charles Ford ATP Captain 12 148.23
UAL782 Brazil Bruno Pancica ATP Captain 38 215.58
UAL783 Italy Franco Guidetti ATP Captain 104 365.41
UAL787 Italy Paolo Lozzi ATP Captain 43 228.06
UAL790 Canada Mario Kostanjevic ATP Captain 43 492.00
UAL792 United States Brian LaFleur ATP Captain 276 1334.26
UAL793 United States Larry Clyburn ATP Captain 38 204.10
UAL795 United States Juan Rodriguez ATP Captain 17 140.04
UAL796 United States Tristan Callon LOA 7/15/21 ATP Captain 219 1122.33
UAL797 United States Tyler Wilmoth ATP Captain 46 126.03
UAL851 United States Julio Collazos ATP Captain 30 156.35






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     Posted on: 05/03/2021
Seeking Event Hosts
     Posted on: 02/13/2021


Total Pilots: 454
Pilots Pending Approval: 6
Total Flights: 91,907
Total Miles Flown: 141,046,604
Total Hours Flown: 443,699
Passengers Carried: 19,590,005
Scheduled Flights: 32,621
Flights Today: 0

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